Empire total war is going to...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Savage, 5 Mar 2009.

  1. Empire total war is going to...

    ...Totally take over my life... I can already feel my life being sapped away by it... The graphics look immense and if it's anything like Rome Total War then I will love it forever <3

    I just hope it doesn't let me down... :?

    What about you lot? You got your copy at the ready? Or is it not your cuppa?

    Savage :mrgreen:
  2. Re: Empire total war is going to...

    I never really liked Total War games (tried most of them) - I prefer RTSes like these:

    - Age of Empires 2+3
    - Age of Mythology
    - Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (hated C&C 3)
    - Dawn of War (still need to buy 2)

    Basically what I expect in an RTS is complexity, small/manageable battles, not too long per game and extremely smooth FPS.
  3. Re: Empire total war is going to...

    All the above are excellent games -- but saying that I like the historical element of the Total War series -- I'll just have to wait another hour and 12 minutes to play now :shock:
  4. gig

    Re: Empire total war is going to...

    i've generally always liked total war games but they have a tendancy to get boring after a while.
    i'm not sure what to make of this new one - the battles look less diverse than the older games; being more about standing there shooting each other than tactical warfare though i don't doubt it's kept some elements. i'll probably end up getting it at some point anyway.
  5. Re: Empire total war is going to...

    *monotone voice* "[strike:1qwgy8y8]You[/strike:1qwgy8y8] I agree with everything I say" :shock:

    ;P -- Seriously though, I can see where you're coming from with the tactics thing. I love RTW for the fact that you could use the Testudo in order to stop arrows hitting you, sending your cavelry around the sides and then BAM hitting their archers with everything you've got -- awesome!

    The sea battles should be good though! ARGH JUST 63 MINUTES TO GO!!!

  6. LienK Wat

    Re: Empire total war is going to...

    Yeah, I bought it yesterday, it's cool.

    I haven't really started the "real" campaign yet though. I'm playing the tutorial one. Either it's damn long, or I fail badly :P Been playing it for (*looks on steam stats*) 11 hours and still not finished. In the tutorial campaign you play as USA, and you have to get control over 15 states. I've got 13, and I've pretty much terminated the French and the British, but those damn indians keep attacking my forts when I move my soldiers out to fight for the 2 last states!!

    As for the sea battles, I've been trying to stay away from them, as I have no clue what so ever as to what tactics to use. :P The times I've tried I have ended up being pwnd bad and sent to the bottom of the sea.
  7. Re: Empire total war is going to...

    yea,i've been meaning to get it.
    I love all the other total war games and if the demo was anything to go by it's epic.
  8. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Empire total war is going to...

    i never likes the other games because im more of a "build a big base" RTS person.
    here you can only command an army.

    but anyway i still look forward to see the gameplay.
  9. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Empire total war is going to...

    I have the game... but Im just back from CeBIT bizz trip and the next weekends I don't have much time.. (And I want to spend an entire weekend to play it..)
    So most likely I will play this game somewhere in April :?

    But then I will play it for hours and hours (I hope)

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