Enable instant respawn?

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Enable instant respawn?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  1. Enable instant respawn?

    There's a TF2 server cvar which is mp_disable_respawn_times
  2. Re: Enable instant respawn?

    no, do not. the current 3-10 seconds depending on map/section are fine, there are many ppl who dont like "no respawn time". And winning DB/GR would be impossible x_X
  3. Re: Enable instant respawn?

    i voted 4 no
    why? if the defending team respans too fast it is almost impossible to capture the last point.
    But keep them relativley low. i hate servers where i have to wait 20secs.
    The config you used till now was fine for me
  4. Re: Enable instant respawn?

    I voted no because without altering every single map, it cannot be a true instant respawn (the camera will still zoom in on the killer and it will pause for as much as 5 secs).

    Also instant respawn can make things unfair :(

    I think just take the respawn time down a bit - it was 20 seconds for red last night on server #2
  5. Re: Enable instant respawn?

    instant respawn is for timmies and munckins :p
  6. Re: Enable instant respawn?

    I actually voted yes but have changed my mind,
    The reduced spawn times that we had on the server I thought were fine really :-)

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