Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fromage, 14 Feb 2009.

  1. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    I managed to smoke my bios today when I was trying to upgrade it with Asus own windows based updater (it worked on my abit card but not asus.. grr) so I will have to return it to the dealer to have it fixed. It'll be done in a few weeks so don't miss me too much ingame now.... :( My other old computer can't handle gaming which is a shame... and right now I'm at my work PC.

    Take care fellas and see you all when little PC can push self.

  2. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Dude hope it's fixed quickly for you mate

    Also, when I went from "family" computer to my own lappy which I got, when I tried to get internet with an Asus router it failed miserably. I got someone from the store to install in and it failed miserably again! Then he got a new Asus router, and AGAIN it failed.

    So now I use a Vtech router and that just works fine :D
  3. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    My asus motherboard's wireless broke (bought a good wireless N one), i think it fixed it self i keep getting a thing telling to to install wireless drivers.
  4. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Cheers guys :)

    Tried everything in my power to fix it, changing the CMOS, remove the battery, nothing, it still just shows up as black when I boot. :( Might have to change mobo, we'll see what they say when they get to look at it. Im no good with hardware but this was the last time I ever tried to flash thats for sure. :)

  5. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Well I guess my gaming times will go down which is good. Who knows, maybe I won't come back if too much time pass by. I was seriously thinking about buying orange box for Xbox here at work and play TF, but the xbox version does not have any updates.. lol. Would be weird.

  6. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    The only good thing about Asus motherboards is the RAID controller, and they don't even make that.
  7. Ash

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Xbox360 version of tf2 sucks..
    No arena.. No class updates.. No cart maps.. extremely low map ceiling.. no dedicated server.. lots of hackers and exploiters.. the rest of the orange box games play well on x360...but tf2 is bad on it.
  8. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Then I won't buy it. Cheeers mate! :mrgreen: I looked through the list at work and saw some games I haven't tried yet, I still have 2 game points to spare in the store. The choices are:

    Fight night round 3
    Mercenaries 2
    Medal of honor: Airborne
    Orange box (HL2 in that case and the rest of the games you get)
    Dead space (owns it for PC, haven't played that far though)
    Any EA sports game (fifa, nhl, madden, nbl etc)

    So what do you guys recommend? :)

  9. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Mirror's Edge if you don't already have it.
  10. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Well I already got it because when we finalize a title you get it (which means i have BFBC and ME) :) And I'm way to tired of ME right now, been playing it soo much during production.

  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    He made it, of-course he has it! :P
  12. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    My Asus motherboard is working fine since 2 years and i love it so much <3
  13. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Oh yeah I forgot you made it :lol:
  14. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    I was reading on the asus forums earlier today, and it seems like another guy got the same problem with the same program. When I checked further on asus CRAPPY page I noticed that my mobo wasn't supported with that flashing tool. So thank you Asus for not including a small text file telling you which motherboards that was supported. I should have flashed it from the BIOS with EZ flash instead.. well what's done is done. :mrgreen:

  15. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Playing shooter on consoles is nothing but fail, too unprecise -.- Mouse/Keyboard ftw, fuck up controllers ! :mrgreen:

    To your problem: Flashing via Windows-based flash tools has a higher risk then doing it via USB-Stick/Floppy disk (which i prefer to do) ... the normal procedure after a problem with booting after the flash would be a clear CMOS or to remove the battery, because your earlier BIOS settings could cause problems with the new BIOS version .... if that haven't helepd, you can be sure, that your board is dead, my condolence. Flashing the BIOS is ever associated with a little risk - if you aren't owning a Mainboard with a 2nd emergency-BIOS (like several Gigabyte Boards have it onboard).

    Your bigger problem would be: If you crashed the board with your update, it was "your" fault - in germany (i think this is also the international law ) you would have to buy a new board at your own costs, because crashes caused by a BIOS update are not included in the guarantee.

    And btw: Nothing against Asus ! I am buying their boards for me as well as for my friends (I am building their new PCs for them for free - just having fun with building gaming rigs =) ) for a couple of years now, without a single crash ..... or better: without a single crash except an exaggerated overclocking experiment at my own machine ... *coughs* xD

    EDIT @ Fromage's last post: A saying of german Nerds says: "The main cause of all IT problems is sitting 80cm ahead of the screen" ;-) In your case: ... before doing something critical like a BIOS update, you should ensure, that you are doing the right thing with the right tools. But that happens .... i destroyed some PCs as well as i was young ...
  16. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Easy to be young and stupid huh? :) Well some places in sweden are nice when it comes to fixing things like this. I read something about replacing the BIOS on the motherboard but I'm not sure. In worst case I hope they can put another motherboard into my computer and put all of my hardware onto it without beeing too expensive. I never built a PC myself (this one is bought from this company as a complete PC) so I really hope they can do that if I pay the expenses.

    But til then I have to stick to this epic fail PC. Its getting up to 67 degrees with some smaller load and 51.5 in idle *rofl*. Guess I'll spend more time at work til little PC can push self. :mrgreen:

    Thanks anyhow for the tips, already tried and it didnt help :)

  17. Ash

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Once you get used to using a controller there is barely any difference you can pull off exactly the same stuff you do with mouse and keyboard it just takes practice.. I was under the same impression as you were about it till I went and tried it myself.. was in a very successful halo3/CoD4 clan for xbox360 and ranked pretty high on Gamebattles... we done 1 season a low division in MLG and done quite well before the team broke up because of alot of members getting RRoD on their x360's and switching back to PC or to PS3, not once throughout this time did using a controller ever feel like it was hindering us.

    TF2 on xbox is an exception though because its been barely updated and sort of forgotten about.

    As for games for x360 to play in the meantime if you like stuff like Final Fantasy try Lost Odyssey its one of my favourite x360 games.
  18. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    I think Bad Company worked well on xbox actually. Might be since I worked against a console and played it regulary, same for mirrors edge. I guess you get used to it but still it cannot beat mouse. If you connect a skilled Xbox player against a skilled PC player the xbox guy will probably fail. :D Im thinking outside the EAbox now though for "cheaper" older good games. I saw some good prices on COD4, GoW 2, Halo 3 but I dont know what I want. Maybe I should get Xbox live again and download some demos... hmm.. its tricky. :) Tries to grab as many EA games as possible because we get 12 for free every year.

  19. Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    I'm using a ASUS P5QL-Emotherboard,

    it a great board, and it has lower temperatures than B4 (according to my previous motherboard)
  20. Ash

    Re: Epic fail, I hate Asus (motherboards)

    Ye Badcompany worked really well on x360 forgot about that, was good fun.. only bad thing was that exploiters ruined the leaderboard the week it came out :(

    If your looking for Eagames Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise are quite good.. haven't seen many EAgames lately that have caught my attention.

    I have fight night round 3 you listed above.. its fun at first but becomes repeatative and easy.
    They have some newer boxing games like Facebreaker etc that might be better though.

    Halo3 has got a crap singleplayer/story but online is fun.. bit dodgy hitboxes but you get used to them and work around it.

    Too Human is quite fun as well (bit repeatative after a while but still very fun) should be quite cheap now.

    Also on subject of PC vs Console Gamer it depends on the players skill.. anyone can learn to use a mouse/keyboard or controller and if your a good gamer you can do both.

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