Epic lag

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  1. Epic lag

    OK so here's the story: my brother Bluepanther has never really been able to play TF2, especially when there are a lot of models. He can turn anti-aliasing on and textures etc. to their highest settings with no discernible loss of FPS, but when it comes to anything more than 8 players (specifically their models - if a lot of people are dead his FPS goes way up), the FPS becomes unbearable (around 1-2).

    Since he probably isn't getting an upgrade in the foreseeable future, here is what he has to work with:

    • Pentium 4 3.0GHz (800MHz FSB)
    • 1.2 GB RAM in single channel at 166 MHz (200 fails for some reason)
    • ASRock P4V88+ (awful motherboard I know)
    • Sapphire HD2600 Pro (the AGP version - the only DX 10 AGP card)
    • Windows 7

    On +showbudget, the model rendering readout goes way off the scale, which proves my point even further. And this lag only exists in TF2 and newer source games (L4D etc.) - older ones and, strangely, ZPS and Garry's Mod (they run on OB, right?) are unaffected. And this was happening before TF2 updated the engine.

    Any ideas? :/
  2. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Epic lag

    Screw an upgrade just get a whole new machine >_<

    Perhaps look for some Low poly / res models (if they're any)

    I'm ain't no Mr.Technical but I thought you're s'posed the smart 'n 'round 'ere :/
  3. Re: Epic lag

    Didn't he used to play tf2 b4 on 32 spam server? if so, go back to how it was, on xp, if u remember the tf2 settings etc.

    try, low settings, see if window mode helps?

    i understand, as i notice he only on when there less than 6 players :S

    anyway gn
  4. Re: Epic lag

    Tell him to go back to Windows XP, i've almost same config except that i've 3,20GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM (DDR1 400MHz Dual Channel), ASUS P4P-800VM and PowerColor HD2600 Pro on agp. He'll get large performance boost after downgrade, it was happening to me on 7 and vista too.

    (Speaking of L4D, my PC can't even handle it on low without lag)
  5. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    ZPS and gmod respectively run on the old engine, so yes he will be able to play it to some extent.

    7 doesn't help either, vista will whore out old PC's like fuck (did it to mine, TF2 was laggy as hell.) so I can reccomend getting XP in that part, XP is fine. Just doesn't have all the fancy stuff 7 has. If he prefers to keep it, something that will help is going to:

    Steam\steamapps\spykodemon\team fortress 2

    In that folder is hl2.exe, right click it > click properties > Click compatability > tick the box that says 'Disable visual themes' (or whatever the 7 equivalent is)

    Another thing that will help is pro configs and dx8, sure. It will look ugly, but it REALLY helps and you'll get used to it.

    Tell him to put this in his TF2 autoexec.cfg, or make one if it doesn't exist:

    //                        DONT TOUCH UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING                                  
    // NET ___________________________________________
    rate                                              "30000" // Max bytes/sec the host can receive data.
    cl_cmdrate                                        "66"    // Number of command pakets sent to the server per second.
    cl_interp                                         "0.02"  // Interpolate x seconds from game (0.02 = 20ms)
    cl_lagcompensation                                "1"     // Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events.
    cl_updaterate                                     "66"    // Number of packets per second you are requesting from the server.
    cl_smooth                                         "0"     // If set to 1 attempts to smooth the view after prediction errors.
    cl_smoothtime                                     "0.01"  // Time over which to smooth the view after prediction errors if cl_smooth is enabled.
    cl_interp_threadmodeticks                         "0"     // Additional interpolation ticks to use when interpolating with threaded engine mode set.
    cl_pred_optimize                                  "2"     // Optimize for not copying data if didn't receive a network update (1), and also for not repredicting if there were no errors (2)
    cl_interp_ratio                                   "1"     // Sets the interpolation amount (final amount is cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate).
    // MATERIAL vars _________________________________
    mat_queue_mode                                    "2"     // The queue/thread mode the material system should use: -1=default, 0=synchronous single thread, 1=queued single thread, 2=queued multithreaded
    mat_mipmaptextures                                "1"     // texture quality decreases with distance
    mat_picmip                                        "2"     // Changes the resolutions of textures when they're loaded into memory. May improve FPS on graphics cards with low memory sizes.
    mat_reducefillrate                                "1"     // Reduces fill rate used.
    mat_antialias                                     "0"     // Anti-aliasing on(1,2,4,8)/off(0) 
    mat_bumpmap                                       "0"     // If set to 1, enables bump mapping which makes flat 2D textures appear three dimensional. Setting this to 0 will cause everyone to have a white shine on them.
    mat_bufferprimitives                              "1"
    mat_clipz                                         "1"
    mat_colorcorrection                               "0"
    mat_compressedtextures                            "1"
    mat_disable_bloom                                 "1"
    mat_debugdepthval                                 "0" 
    mat_debugdepthvalmax                              "0"
    mat_forceaniso                                    "0" // change to 0 if you notice lower fps
    mat_forcehardwaresync                             "0"
    mat_hdr_enabled                                   "0" // Report if HDR is enabled for debugging
    mat_hdr_level                                     "0" // Set to 0 for no HDR, 1 for LDR+bloom on HDR maps, and 2 for full HDR on HDR maps.
    mat_parallaxmap                                   "0"
    mat_shadowstate                                   "0"
    mat_use_compressed_hdr_textures                   "1"
    mat_trilinear                                     "0" // Disables the use of Trilinear mipmapping.
    mat_wateroverlaysize                              "0" // Sets the resolution of water distortion. Must be multiple of 8.
    mat_aaquality                                     "0" //
    mat_reducefillrate                                "1"
    mat_softwarelighting                              "0"
    mat_autoexposure_max                              "0"
    mat_autoexposure_min                              "0"
    mat_bloomscale                                    "0"
    mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar                      "0"
    mat_disable_fancy_blending                        "1"
    mat_disable_lightwarp                             "1"
    mat_disable_ps_patch                              "1"
    mat_envmapsize                                    "0"
    mat_envmaptgasize                                 "0"
    mat_fastspecular                                  "1"
    mat_fastnobump                                    "0"
    mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware               "0"
    mat_framebuffercopyoverlaysize                    "0"
    mat_parallaxmap                                   "0"
    mat_diffuse                                       "1"
    mat_software_aa_blur_one_pixel_lines              "0"
    mat_software_aa_strength                          "0"
    mat_software_aa_strength_vgui                     "0"
    mat_software_aa_tap_offset                        "0"
    mat_alphacoverage                                 "0"
    mat_non_hdr_bloom_scalefactor                     "0"
    mat_maxframelatency                               "0"
    mat_max_worldmesh_vertices                        "0"
    mat_filterlightmaps                               "1"
    mat_filtertextures                                "1"
    mat_specular                                      "1"
    // VOICE & SOUND _________________________________
    voice_forcemicrecord                              "0"
    voice_enable                                      "0"
    voice_scale                                       "0"
    voice_modenable                                   "0"
    snd_mixahead                                      "0.1"
    dsp_enhance_stereo                                "0"
    dsp_volume                                        "1"
    dsp_slow_cpu                                      "1"
    dsp_spatial                                       "40"
    dsp_speaker                                       "50"
    dsp_water                                         "14"
    soundscape_flush                                  "1" // Flushes the server & client side soundscapes
    // GIBS __________________________________________
    violence_agibs                                    "0" // Show alien gib entities
    violence_hgibs                                    "0" // Show human gib entities
    violence_hblood                                   "0" // Draw human blood
    violence_ablood                                   "0" // Draw alien blood
    // R vars ________________________________________
    r_lightaverage                                    "0"
    r_unloadlightmaps                                 "0" // 0 because of alt tabbing causes black walls
    r_cheapwaterstart                                 "1" // worse water rendering
    r_cheapwaterend                                   "1" // worse water rendering
    r_drawflecks                                      "0"
    r_drawropes                                       "0"
    r_decals                                          "0"
    r_dynamic                                         "0"
    r_queued_decals                                   "0" // Offloads a bit of decal rendering setup work to the material system queue when enabled.
    r_decal_cullsize                                  "0" // Decals under this size in pixels are culled // _lower texture quality at distance_
    r_drawmodeldecals                                 "0"
    r_decalstaticprops                                "0" // Decal static props test
    r_dopixelvisibility                               "0"
    r_eyes                                            "0"
    r_fastzreject                                     "1" // Activate/deactivates a fast z-setting algorithm to take advantage of hardware with fast z reject. Use -1 to default to hardware
    r_lod                                             "2" // _adjusts model quality--set between -5 and 5_
    r_occlusion                                       "1" // Activate/deactivate the occlusion system.
    r_rootlod                                         "2" // Root LOD
    r_renderoverlayfragment                           "0"
    r_spray_lifetime                                  "0" // Number of rounds player sprays are visible
    r_teeth                                           "0"
    r_waterdrawreflection                             "0" // Enable water reflection
    r_worldlights                                     "0" // number of world lights to use per vertex
    r_waterforceexpensive                             "0"
    r_shadowmaxrendered                               "12" // Max shadows the game will render.
    r_shadowrendertotexture                           "1" // Rendered the shadow texture causing it to match the player model.
    r_shadowlod                                       "0"
    r_3dnow                                           "1" // Enable/disable 3DNow code 
    r_3dsky                                           "0" // Enable the rendering of 3d sky boxes
    r_sse2                                            "1" // Enable/disable SSE2 code 
    r_ambientboost                                    "0"
    r_ambientmin                                      "0"
    r_ambientfactor                                   "0"
    r_ropetranslucent                                 "0"
    r_drawdetailprops                                 "0"
    r_threaded_client_shadow_manager                  "1"
    r_threaded_particles                              "1"
    r_threaded_renderables                            "1"
    r_queued_decals                                   "0"
    r_queued_post_processing                          "1"
    r_drawbatchdecals                                 "0"
    r_ForceWaterLeaf                                  "0"
    r_hunkalloclightmaps                              "0"
    r_maxdlights                                      "0"
    r_maxmodeldecal                                   "0"
    r_maxnewsamples                                   "0"
    r_maxsampledist                                   "0"
    r_minnewsamples                                   "0"
    r_bloomtintg                                      "0"
    r_bloomtintb                                      "0"
    r_bloomtintexponent                               "0"
    r_bloomtintr                                      "0"
    r_shadows                                         "1"
    r_lightcache_zbuffercache                         "1"
    r_flex                                            "0"
    // CL vars _______________________________________
    cl_clearhinthistory                               "1" // Clear memory of client side hints displayed to the player
    cl_detaildist                                     "0" // Distance at which detail props are no longer visible (1200)
    cl_detailfade                                     "0"
    cl_drawmonitors                                   "0" // Disables the rendering of ingame "monitors" which contain 3d rendered images.
    cl_ejectbrass                                     "0" // Disables brass ejection
    cl_forcepreload                                   "1" // Forces the game to load all texture and model information into memory on map load.
    cl_muzzleflash_dlight_1st                         "0"
    cl_phys_props_max                                 "0" // Maximum amount of physics props allowed.
    cl_predictweapons                                 "1" // perform client side prediction of weapon effects.
    cl_predict                                        "1" // Perform client side prediction.
    tf_playergib                                      "0"
    cl_showhelp                                       "0" // Set to 0 to not show on-screen help
    cl_showpluginmessages                             "0" // Allow plugins to display messages to you
    cl_show_splashes                                  "0"
    cl_rumblescale                                    "0" // Scale sensitivity of rumble effects (0 to 1.0)
    cl_debugrumble                                    "0" // Turn on rumble debugging spew
    cl_threaded_bone_setup                            "0"
    cl_threaded_client_leaf_system                    "0"
    cl_ragdoll_collide                                "0"
    cl_ragdoll_fade_time                              "0"
    cl_ragdoll_physics_enable                         "1"
    cl_ragdoll_forcefade                              "1"
    cl_particle_retire_cost                           "10"
    // ROPES _________________________________________
    rope_averagelight                                 "0" // Makes ropes use average of cubemap lighting instead of max intensity.
    rope_collide                                      "0" // Collide rope with the world
    rope_smooth_enlarge                               "0" // How much to enlarge ropes in screen space for antialiasing effect
    rope_smooth                                       "0" // Do an antialiasing effect on ropes
    rope_subdiv                                       "0" // Rope subdivision amount
    rope_wind_dist                                    "0" // Don't use CPU applying small wind gusts to ropes when they're past this distance.
    // _Set various settings _________________________
    sv_forcepreload                                   "1" // forces preload to help increase performance
    jpeg_quality                                      "100" // jpeg screenshot quality.
    mat_monitorgamma                                  "1.6" // monitor gamma (typically 2.2 for CRT and 1.7 for LCD)
    commentary                                        "0" // Desired commentary mode state.
    budget_show_history                               "0" // turn history graph off and on. . good to turn off on low end
    flex_smooth                                       "1" // Applies smoothing/decay curve to flex animation controller changes.
    props_break_max_pieces                            "2" // Maximum prop breakable piece count (-1 = model default)
    prop_active_gib_limit                             "0"
    func_break_max_pieces                             "3"
    showhitlocation                                   "1"
    mp_decals                                         "0" // How many player sprays will be shown.
    gl_clear                                          "0"
    muzzleflash_light                                 "0"
    lod_transitiondist                                "0"
    overview_mode                                     "0" // Sets overview map mode off,small,large: <0|1|2>
    adsp_debug                                        "0"
    mp_usehwmmodels                                   "-1" 
    mp_usehwmvcds                                     "-1" 
    echo "               ___            _           _  ___  _      "
    echo "        _____ |   | ___  ___ | |_  _ _  _| ||  _||_| ___ "
    echo "       |     || | ||  _|| -_||   || | || . ||  _|| || . |"
    echo "       |_|_|_||___||_|  |___||_|_||___||___||_|  |_||_  |"
    echo "                                                    |___|"
    echo "http://more.pp.fi"
    echo "m0re's config loaded"
    echo "#etf2l @ qnet"

    Then right click TF2 in the steam games list > Click properties > Click Set launch options:

    Put this in it:

    -dxlevel 81 -w <his monitor width here> -h <his monitor height here> -windowed -noborder -novid
    But ye like I said, it looks ugly as fuck, you'll get used to it ^^
  6. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    And the graphics card is getting bottlenecked.
  7. Re: Epic lag

    dx8, is not bad, still playable. just tried it :P

    and i get 120fps :mmmhmm:

    Mine autoexec is:
    rate 30000
    cl_cmdrate 66
    cl_updaterate 66
    net_graph 1
    cl_interp 0.02
    cl_lagcompensation 1
    r_lod 2
    mat_picmip 1
    sound alright? anything i should add on or disable?

    my launch options is
    -console -novid -noborder -noipx -nojoy -nosync
    I get around 50-80 fps on that. :wat:

    I guess dark ask blue to try that shit load of config spyko gave.
  8. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Epic lag

    im gonna try it as well. If i can get over 20fps with it it'll be worth it :/
  9. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Epic lag

    Well...It's done nothing at all :/
  10. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    What did you do exactly?
  11. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Epic lag

    Everything you told Blue to do
  12. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    You must be doing it wrong then.
  13. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Epic lag


    Also done

    Still got 15-25fps as usual. If i run the game on highest i get 15-25fps. If i run it on lowest i get 15-25fps :3
  14. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    Is it in dx 8? :P

    Look in your advanced video options and it should say.
  15. Re: Epic lag

    No matter what config he uses, if he is looking at players FPS goes to < 10. Otherwise the normal theory of lower graphics = higher fps applies - he gets about 120 FPS on a decent config and directx 8.

    I'm guessing it's something to do with the CPU, since it somehow manages to reach 75C in the BIOS doing absolutely nothing, despite me reseating the heatsink etc. several times.

    Also it's not the OS - he had slightly worse performance on XP.

    But anyway yeah, the CPU theory stands to reason - perhaps Source makes more use of the CPU in the later versions - more than most other games (since they run pretty much fine).
  16. Re: Epic lag

    Lol. I'm getting 10fps more when on DX8.
    DX9: 12 - 80fps
    (PS. DX8 is awesome for game development. TLOA works on DX 8.1. :3)

    And also, i'd like to say something.
    Newest DX = better performance. And I AM serious.
  17. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

  18. Re: Epic lag

    No, yes
  19. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Epic lag

    Wait what the hell am I saying, it only happens on TF2.

    Newer source games have worse CPU handling than the older versions, period. Turn off multicore and see if that helps.

    but the 78C idle temp is wierd, lol.

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