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Errors Regarding PropHunt Stats

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Lank, 17 May 2018.

  1. Good day

    Some features of PropHunt's global ranking system aren't working properly anymore. This has been the case for quite some years.

    I am referring to:

    - Playtime
    Eskimo made a thread on this a while ago. I'm not sure whether it was forgotten about, or if there just wasn't a solution for this. Hours are racking up rather quickly. For instance, 30 minutes of actual playtime can add up to 2 hours in the ranking.

    - Average survival time
    The average survival time of some players are really far off. See the example below.

    Can these features to be fixed?
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  2. Glad to hear they didn't break as of past few days as I was changing some shit

    The code for the stats is really shitty and if it's a problem on the plugin side I can't really do much as the other servers it's been shared with (if they're still alive) will still have the old version.

    Will take a look tho, been meaning to reduce the size of prophunt stats database as it's pretty huge atm storing a detailed history of all survivals and deaths since its creation lol
  3. I should've added that some of the names appear to be blank, making them unviewable: https://imgur.com/ouhltph

    Also, I wonder what people's views are on a new ranking system. The current system is only shared with Saxton Hell's PropHunt server, which shows no activity anymore whatsoever.
    Vast majority of our playerbase has moved on as well. Personally, I would welcome one. Especially if the current problems cannot be solved. I'm not suggesting that the current ranking should be removed by any means though. Would be nice to keep it for the memories at the very least.

    (I have no clue if this is even possible in practice, it's just an idea).
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  4. Can't see any obvious cause for incorrect connection time, it looks fairly bulletproof. I've checked and it is definitely behaving as it should, so the only explanation is a SourceMod bug in the GetClientTime function it uses

    Survival time is probably from a bug in the past, I've deleted the outlier data

    Fixed the broken names being unclickable, though they will remain fucked until that player connects again (the encoding is corrupt due to a database change ages ago and I'm not sure how to fix it without fucking everything else)
  5. Scratch that, managed to fix most of the corrupt names. They were triple utf8 encoded :barf:
  6. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Could you believe in one of the group coursework modules I had in second year you got easy marks by showing the database accepted utf8 variables... all because the 60+ year old lecturer was a massive weeb and wanted it to be able to hand chinese/japenese characters... and emojis...

    The database was meant for a professional company... couldn't see it having emojis inputted at all.
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  7. In case this helps…

    After keeping an eye on this last week, here's what I noticed:
    > I joined the server (1740 hours playtime)
    > Left the server after 30 mins of actual playtime (playtime was still at 1740 hours, should be alright)
    > Next day I checked playtime once more; the counter showed 1742 hours

    It appears it takes a while for the time to register, but then comes in bigger numbers than it should.
  8. New error: as of recently new players who join aren't registered in the global stats anymore.

    At this point I'm hoping for an entirely new ranking system. The current one looks like a lost cause and is outdated.
    Last edited: 3 Jul 2018

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