ETF2L Highlander cup

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    ETF2L Highlander cup

    The ETF2L Highlander Cup #2 sign-ups will begin on Sunday the 8th. We will join in with a mainly-GM lineup of the following players:

    -Th (captain)

    -Pissmidget (captain)
    -Tom Hackers

    -Savage (pyro/engineer)
    -Overdrive (scout/spy)
    -BeauChaotica (scout/sniper)
    -Wooo Maker (pyro/engineer)

    As you can see, the team is formed from senior members of GM. However we do have a need for reserves who will most likely get to play Scout, Pyro, Engineer or the Spy depending on how many members of the primary line-up are unavailable. PM me to set a trial if you meet most of the following criteria:
    1) familiar in using voice comm
    2) some match experience
    3) proficiency in the above mentioned support classes (performance counts, hours don't)

    Team members will check this topic regularly for updates. Meanwhile train your class and play scrims/pickups, get on servers with as much challenge as possible. I will inform you on specifics such as highlander-specific comm, maps, maneuvers etc. we have yet to try. We are currently looking for an opponent to train with, so should you know someone to fight, let us know.

    EDIT: I've chatted with Overdrive about his connection and we agreed that the unpredictability is a risk we don't want to take. He will be transferred to reserve while the open spot is given to Tom Hackers. Bun will be the primary spy, he will rotate with Anathema on scout/spy.
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    Need a backup scout? :)
  3. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    wow that really is the hard core of GM :D

    Btw, who is GeneSIS? I've never seen/met him (or her) before...

    Also, I'd like to apply as reserver but do NOT have a mic... Which is not really useful then right?

    Also, my class stats, maybe it can help you choose between the fact I have no mic or that I'm maybe the best replacement scout (no offence to my fellow scout players here :D )
    [attachment=0:rskkrzl9]My Class Stats 5 feb, 9.00 am.png[/attachment:rskkrzl9]

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  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    Genesis used to be a member of GM-Z, which broke off from GM.

    I think, correct me if I'm wrong
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    Geiti is correct - Genesis left when We-Are (Z...whatever) disbanded. He now plays for iClan.
  6. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    We had a Z team too... I know/knew of We Are but never heard of Z lol

    So we've had 3 match teams?? Aint that a bit much ? :p
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    We've had:

    (GM-Y)?[I think]
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    I tell you what... I'm really looking forward to playing in this team alongside these guys... and axetinguishing their team into oblivion. This is going to be immense. :twisted:
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    as someone said, GeneSIS is this guy :p

    playing for div3b clan right now
  10. Th-

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup


    As the sign-ups start on Sunday, it is time to start our training. We should play together as much as possible although it is not fatal if all 9/9 of the primary lineup aren't online at the same time as long as everyone gets to play pcw's with the team. Tell me when you can play a match, which days of the week and which times.

    Our first training opponent might be the ZBS clan. I requested a match with CL1 and 7+ players a team, though 9 would ofc be preferred. Aim to have free time this weekend at least one of the days.

    My schedule includes pretty much no lessons for the next 3 weeks though I have to study on weekdays. Evenings are most often free.
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    I'll be free for evenings and weekends for the foreseeable future :)
  12. Th-

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    As I am already familiar with your game Dark, I can accept you as a reserve on the following conditions:
    -get your shotty aim in top notch
    -get familiar with fast teamplay and matches
    -dust off the mic and start using it alot and wisely
    -pick engy or pyro and train it: offensive engineer and area control, or pyro with axtinguisher, flaregun and flamethrower
    -with the flaregun you should hit consistently pretty much everything, aim medics and snipers first
    -practice also deflecting projectiles and protecting engineers
    -pickups on MPUK would work great for you, play about a dozen of them
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    Great :D

    I'll play some pugs tomorrow :)
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    ye, but be aware that unless you are permitted by your team, you can play only solly/scout/demo/medic here
  15. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    Uhmmm dunno if I can train with you guys but I'm available at Friday and Saturday evenings, pretty much from 6/7 PM GMT onwards untill about 21 GMT
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    [GM-Pro] too
  17. Th-

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    Information about the upcoming highlanders

    Team, this is it. We are entering a competitive league full of teams doing their utmost to win the day. Our crew is solid and main force is skilled - we stand strong. I've hand picked our primary lineup to use individual strengths to their maximum, but make no mistake we will eventually run into a team who will outplay each one of us. I know you and your limits, so when the day comes we will fight with our tactics.

    During the internal matches some of you have noticed how plans have foiled because of wrong timing or slow reaction, hence the hierarchy must be clearly established and honored. Your captain will be me, or should I be unavailable, Pissmidget. We are responsible for organizing in-game forces in the most efficient way, and you are in turn responsible for honoring that organization as efficiently as you are able. It is our teamplay that allows us to challenge giants, and only that teamplay will hold our lines. Therefore it is imperative that you remember to play not for yourself but for your team. Since the organization is our strength, in this team disobedience = expulsion. From each one of you I expect professional behaviour and contained aggression ingame - If you have seen the movie 300, that is how we will fight.

    Especially on the day we are outskilled I expect you to put your warface on and fight with attitude unlike never before - we are defined by how we overcome our challenges.
  18. Th-

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    Considering the aforementioned teamplay, there are a few basic concepts to understand. Unfortunately its only now appropriate to give this information to you, since it has taken this long that we have got a team capable of actively applying these strategies. These may or may not seem basic to you, but that is what they are in both modern and ancient warfare. Although in the playerbase of the TF2 these tactics could be labeled advanced - top teams utilize these either consciously or by accidental routines.

    First: concentration of fire

    The lessons of this image:
    -if we lose duels, concentration of fire is the only way to get kills
    -even if we don't lose duels, concentrated fire is the fastest and safest way to win
    -stacked team takes both explosive and minigun damage faster
    -top level fighting will be decided by spam accuracy, successful use of cover and moving in when the enemy is weak
    -our methods of concentrating fire are moving in specified squads and calling targets - more on those later
    -gaining control over key areas gives team more positioning options, higher ground usually better

    Defensive lines
    As you have undoubtedly gathered from playing on server #3, fights tend to advance in phases. Each phase is a battle over a battlefield between two opposing lines of defense. A line of defense is an area of the map with covering terrain which is used as an advantage as stated in the chapter above. Superior skill or inability to use terrain advantageously will render defensive lines irrelevant. In the upcoming matches we will fight for each defensive line one by one by positioning our team appropriately.

    All battlefields have key areas. On DB stage 1 point 1 the yellow cross represents an area that can assist the middle battlefield. This is only possible when the enemy has no sniper to give fire support. Distance is also a form of cover with effective weapon ranges. On stage 2 point 1 the left house is a vital supporting area when pushing to the point: you might have heard me sometimes to urge team to hold or take the roof. In addition to cover it also supplies 200 % of health and 100 % of ammo every 10 seconds... literally a vital area. On stage 2 point 2 the platform corner with stairs is a key point with firesupport access to every direction. As you know the last defensive line on stage 2 picture rarely holds for long because when offense reaches it, there is no more cover for defense before the point.

    Squad positioning
    In the first picture you understood that cover and concentration of fire are key aspects of teamwork. Each class has unique strengths which we will use accordingly:

    -scout flanks or waits for an opportunity to get in the fight
    -soldier will jump to gain high ground and its benefits
    -pyro will assist a specified ally and be ready to jump from cover to deflect incoming ubercharges
    -demo will jump high and far to engage the enemy from flanks or stay back, watch a flank and assist heavy/solly
    -the heavy will often stay on the ground with cover and short-medium firing distances
    -sentrygun will be placed to hold a main avenue while other supporting squad holds the SG's weak/blind spots: corner, topside, distance
    -sniper will stay in open areas to support our main offensive squad from enemy sniper and heavy
    -spy will inform, snipe key targets and hit from unexpected direction

    Next post:
    Individual responsibilities in a squad, evoit + roles
    Team maneuvers

    These are some details that we will concentrate on in tomorrows training highlander. Give them careful thought.
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    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    Some training objectives:

    harrass = do damage without putting yourself to mortal danger
    push to next / next line - rdy - push = push to next defensive line
    hold = hold a defensive line/position/area
    fall back (to + location)= retreat to previous or specified defensive line
    assist/with (sandy with garion) = support and cover ally with his mission
    cover = protect ally from enemy fire with your character model or cover fire
    distract = engage the enemy's attention to secondary direction
    hush = stay unknown to the enemy until the last moment
    make noise = get the enemy's attention to you
    snipe = target a specific enemy, command mainly for scout, pyro, sniper and spy
    SILENCE! = stop voice comm

    Class-specific details
    -call picks and weak targets
    -aim previously called weak targets and headshotted enemies
    -when no other tasks at hand, run around to assist demoman, pyro, engy, sniper and spy in enemy contact

    -primary target: your heavy's current target
    -when your heavy is on ground, you should take the higher ground in most cases

    -primary flaregun targets are 1) medic and 2) sniper
    -call always "medic on fire"
    -deflect ubers on command with or without medic
    -aim flares primarily to previously called weak targets
    -airblast enemies from high ground when you can't kill them - useful especially on very high ground and against ubers (badwater 2nd cap roof, gpit C point)

    -call your traps for the team "Ive got left/mid/tunnel"
    HOX! different from "stickies on left" which implyes to enemy stickies

    Heavy Weapons Guy:
    -Natascha if fights are slow rather than quickly over
    -announce your current target
    -call last target's health if not 0
    -under threat from enemy sniper, move in only with specified support
    -move partially in cover to have only your current target in sight, once you and your solly have destroyed him either retreat for heal and another attack or move to target the next enemy together

    -when on offense, build your level 1 sentrygun in a strategic location, save the 70 units of remaining metal and start patrolling in the immediate vicinity of the gun picking up metal, killing stuff with shotty/pistol and repairing the gun
    -build both teleport entrance and exit in cover, away from enemy's sight at the first glance

    -the enemy cannot see your medigun during the setup, so heal only in cover

    -key targets are medic, sniper, demo, heavy
    -during intense fighting aim 1)heavy 2)solly/demo always first when clear shot
    -call headshots "solly/pyro/demo weak"
    -aim previously called weak targets after primaries
    -check your back for spies after - each - shot

    -outside combat medics and snipers are primary targets
    -in combat take out solly/demo/heavy and go kamikaze on the medic
    -provide distraction when called
    -if there is no clear or kamikaze -opportunity, wait for one
    -inform of enemy defense on different areas "main classes on right" "SG top left" "demo on left"

    General procedures:
    -think team, not points "what is my next task?"
    -when sighting an enemy spy, call "SPY - name (bennett)"
    -when you hear "SPY!" all should peak at their backs quickly and resume fighting
    -"INCOMING" is a call sign for incoming enemy spam: nades, stickies and rockets
    -medic can never be alone, so stick with him if there aren't others on sight no matter what your class is
    -no solo missions unless instructed - always work with your squad/pair
    -take notes of who are the players carrying the enemy team - we will give them special attention no matter the class
  20. Th-

    Re: ETF2L Highlander cup

    I remind you that our performance is a combination of numerous details. It is critical that each one of you analyzes your own game to the finest detail and concentrates to fix them - Suppose that we all find 1-2 mistakes from the last match and fix them, our team has fixed ~15 details. That will count a lot in the next match.

    Start suggesting class specific details to add on the list.

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