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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Disco_Indigo, 14 Jun 2008.

  1. EVE Online

    Do you play Team Fortress and kick arse, of course you do, you are GM, but do you also play EVE online?

    Let me know who you are:-

    Disco_Indigo (TF2) = Disco_Enurta (Eve Online) playing since September 2005!! :D
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: EVE Online

    I Am Nomad = Ilia Nomaddess

    Playing since 5 days ago :)
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: EVE Online

    Geitiegg = Geitiegg

    Playing since Monday 9th of june :D
  4. Re: EVE Online

    Z3Ro.nl = Argian.
  5. Re: EVE Online

    Core = digitalnemesis
  6. Re: EVE Online

    Darkimmortal = doesn't like EVE :(
  7. Re: EVE Online

    Anathema = will download the trial :)
  8. Re: EVE Online

    FastJohn=yet to play
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: EVE Online

    BeauChaotica=BeauChaotica (Aww yeahh)

    Disco got in there one month before me :D
  10. Re: EVE Online

    rofl = Teh Supah, Overp0wered, You What (all 3 accounts currently inactive as i can't be bothered)
  11. Re: EVE Online


    well its not a scam

    Alpha = Krystal Orgy ^^

    dont play this shit anymore
  12. Re: EVE Online

    Have u seen GTC prices lately? OMG i think i won't be playin anymore
  13. Re: EVE Online

    Yeah I hate this game now....

    Once you're in you can't stop playing and now it's 60 days of EVE-Online $34.99 :?
  14. Re: EVE Online

    I was more about ISK. I've made myself a reserve when I was still playin so i can top up an account when training finishes. But instead of payin 380 mil for 90 days it is 420 mil for 60 days now. Have a look at Eve-O forums at Timecode Bazaar and see how many WTB offers are there and how many WTS. Silly
  15. Re: EVE Online

    Sandman = hungry. make fud.
  16. Re: EVE Online

    same=here :D
  17. Re: EVE Online

    Eve is bad, don't get lured into it :(
  18. Re: EVE Online

    I once played eve, had too much ISK and didn't put any to good use killed the game off for me :/

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