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    Right I have seen some cool and some not so cool names in my years of playing online games and I often wonder how the name came about. Taken me all this time to think- ask them!

    So me first, Guinny is a shorter term derived form Guinness. I was Guinness 8 years ago in my first love of rtcw playing for a clan caled UDS. Guinny was used on comms and when we had to incorporate a sponsor in our tag Guinness did not fit. So Guinny was officially born and it kinda stuck, even after the sponsors went the way of the dodo!

    Now you lot :)
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    /me is named waebi because that's the way my mates call me :P

    Dominic "waebi" Weber = my name.

    but they speak it as "wäbi", not as "wue?b?" :P
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  4. Geit Coding wizard!

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    SOE Auto name generator: Geit means Goat in Dutch, which is frequently pointed out. :D
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    RocketDog - Was on a giant sticker on my room door when I arrived on campus at uni in my first year, adopted it as a tag and it stuck. Kinda boring really... :roll:
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    Got my inspiration from a torrent topsite :)
    So not:
    -The horrible gothic band
    -The WoW weapon
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    t3rribl3on3 came about as its the brand of bmx frame i rode your years and i like the irony of the name. if i kept the trend id be metal - rebel contender right not but t3rribl3on3 has stuck, thats why everyone calls me terr terry t1 etc nice to abbreviate also.
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    It's from a nickname when I came back from travelling with a massive beard and long hair. I had another online name but my nephew used it for years when I gave him my old pc so it's his now.
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    Garion as in David Edding's fantasy book series
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    Fuego is short for 'El Fuego Fuerte', which was the name of my main character in an MMO I used to play a few years ago. So I've now just sorta adopted that, and variations of it, as my online name wherever I can.
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

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    I searched for a nice online name, and after some tries Vacoy came out. Liked it and it just sticked ;P
    got it for a year or 3 now
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    Disco = I was born around this funky era, and still love the music, and yes I have got the moves to prove it :)

    Indigo = Fav colour, as well as orange!

    I have used this tag ever since the original xbox came out and I went online.

    Disco aka Rave_Orange, R&B_Venetian Red, BarryWhite_Lemon Chiffon !!
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    My real name is: Michael Augustyn and the Y in Augustyn is quite special in Austria (everyone writes it: Augustin here) so i love the letter Y. During my internship in england i was called Mike, and the combination of mike and my favorite letter makes Myke. And i like the '.' at the end of bandname 'Bloodsimple.' therefore i use it in the nick.

    Quite a long explanation for such a strait forward name.

    I'm interested where Pissmidgets nick comes from =)
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    This should explain :)

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    its an old dargon in a german myth called "Nibelung"
    but its also a dwarf in the nordic mythology
    yeah and theres a 3th thing to tell...its also a part of a game called "MechWarrior"
    i dont know where i got the name first
  16. Bun

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    I'm a bun, nuff' said.

    Ok then. My brothers called me Bullen, which kinda means Bun in Swedish. So I just tough it was a little shitty so I changed to Bun.
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    Guess why I called myself Core.
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    I like colors and psychedelic rock.
    I drink absinth
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    Because when we met, you were showing your e-peen and your name was like
    Core 2 Duo <some more stuff, quite good>

    amirite? :D
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    Yes true ;)

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