Explanation of Clan Ranks for Y-Team Selection

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    Explanation of Clan Ranks for Y-Team Selection

    At the beginning of every week, I rank all GM clan members who are NOT in either the X team or the Z team. I ranked them using data from HLstats and used a very simple sKill equation that you all should understand easily:

    sKill = (your score/highest score) X (your points per hour/highest points per hour) X 100
    Please note that I am only comparing people who are not in the X and Z teams, so the highest score is the highest among those people. Same for the highest points-per-hour.

    For example:
    Suppose StoopidNoob's score is 16,877. He also has the highest score of the group; 16,877. His points-per-hour are 144.37. The highest points-per-hour in the group is by RaverCraver, with 331.89 points per hour of gameplay.

    So, for StoopidNoob, sKill = (16,877/16,877)X(144.37/331.89)X100, therefore,
    StoopidNoob's sKill = 43.5

    Even though StoopidNoob has the highest score, he ranks #3, because two other people have higher sKill Factors then he does. StoopidNoob's points-per-hour rate is low, and works against him.

    Unfortunately, I decided that any member who hasn't connected to our servers in at least a week shouldn't be on the team. So, even though someone might be ranked number 3, that someone will not be considered for the Y team until he or she does connect, and after I re-rank everyone, which I do every weekend.

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