Expresing My WAR Server Issues!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DjShrew, 17 Feb 2009.

  1. Expresing My WAR Server Issues!

    Sorry to moan all.... But, ATM the WAR server is simply unusable. so far i must have lost or felt embaresed numoruse times, Wil someone please please look at it.

    Im Sure, Apex, Piss, KAKA, Sandy, Savage. will all agree after tonight proformance on the war server, it is simply just not an option to use.

    Therefor it is just and empty server only really worth for people wants to train themselvs!

    Someone mentioned it could be all the plugins on it? i understand that they are all on the same machine, could we setup a virtual machine on the main server. then run the war server on the virtual machine but without all the plugins loaded?
    Altho i maybe completely wrong and it could be something other than the plugins. (Prob more the case?)

    Just to end my rant, in the last 2 days i have lost 4 matches due to teams refusing to play with the lagg/spikes on it.

    Thanks for looking and open to comments.


    P.S ATM i having to find teams with other servers.
    (So i say 6v6 / low- / server off. bit silly if we have 1, but not one thats playable for match situations.)
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    The match server is free of non-essential plugins and has a considerably higher max FPS than the other servers so you should be getting excellent performance from it :?

    I'll try lowering the max fps just in case.
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    ty i will keep you posted + try and record demo.

    What are the rates set to? could that also help? Sandman has the most issue with the server. + the other teams we played, but even with a ping of 11-20 i lagg. but only for 1-3 seconds! occasionaly higher that we see the 30 sec count down.
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    darki, as i asked you on steam yesterday, i think there is sth wrong with the dedi - all server on the dedi (TF2, ZPS included) lag really a lot in past few weeks (as i have heard from numerous players), dunno if it is some plugins or if sth is wrong with the machine, but it really need a complete reviewing and fixing the problems both on the war server and on the pubs, since i have played twice yesterday and everytime the server got from 32ppl to like 10ppl cause of the lag (its a random lag for 1-3s as shrew said, no regularity in it)
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    I concur with Garion and Shrew -- all the servers are becoming very, very laggy. I was playing on the db server and there were lag spikes every 20 seconds or so! After about two minutes, we went from a 16 vs 16 match, to an 8 vs 8 match.

    As for the war server: I felt rather stupid asking other players from another clan to have a match on it -- we all had a low ping, but there was still a lot of lag :|

    Either way, if this could be sorted I think that the servers would be even more popular than they are now: people leave and don't come back because of the lag that we seem to get constantly on the servers as of recent times :|

    If you can fix it Darki; then you would be hailed as the awesome destroyer of teh lagz :P
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    Yeah... for the last two weeks the War Server has progressively hated me...
    It used to be perfect for me, but, for example, the other day I was consistently showing a ping in net_graph 1 of between 700 and 1700, during which my screen was stuck in the middle of the map/spawn, and I could neither move my view around, choose a class, choose a side, type, use the mic voice. It's like I'm connecting to a server in the North Pole with dial-up internets...
    At the time I checked my internet speed; it was exactly the same as usual. All the other [GM] servers and other European servers in my menu gave me a quoted ~30-80 ping simultaneously.
    Interestingly, in the favourites server menu bit, my ping was "only" quoted at ~350 in the war server.
    It's utterly useless for me, and I'm 90% certain it's not a problem on my end. *lol innuendo*
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    This is why we shouldn't run with an fps booster :P

    Everything was fine with the servers running at 50-60fps - no lag whatsoever.

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