Fallout 3 Screenshots

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  1. Fallout 3 Screenshots

    Let's share some of our experiences with the game :)
    My character in Tesla armor (Power armor)
    A Plasma Grenade in VATS killing a feral ghoul.
    And the face-pwning of some newbie monster :)

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    I was going to post a thread like this :)

    Anyway, some screens from me.

    I get really bad motion sickness after playing this game for 30 mins or so. Setting the FOV to 90 has helped somewhat.

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  3. eoN

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    Ana, quick question - does PA add +strength again? (I selected strength 6 as usual in the beginning)
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    Muhaha guess who is THIS :lol:

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    Well... in Fallout 3 i'm Science, Steal/Thief, Energy specialist and Lock picker. I have TOP good karma!
    Also my team contain 3 characters:
    1. Me
    2. Uber green friend: Fox (heavy weapons guy, almost invicible)
    3. Misterioso desconocido (full crits, magnum)

    P.s. 16 lvl...

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    Game finished, i finished it with TOP good karma and refused president task to poison water... so i saved the mankind by sacrificarsing my own life... epic end but i was waiting for something more, freeplay for example.

    P.s. completed all good quests and so on. Had 2000$+ and had atleast 200 guns in home (nuclear bomb town hehe)

    And btw i had my invicible friend Fox, but seems developers didn't want it come in story (yeah the end movie) so he refused when i asked him to enable "clean" machine. (Radiation room)
  9. eoN

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    Snipity snip
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    Hehe now you might edit post :3 My bad, sry.
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    im pretty far, not going to post any screenshots or mention anything about it just to avoid spoilers. And spyko, i suffered from alot of random crashes too, try lowering your res a bit, which fixed it for me

    also, fawkes is awesome :D
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    Also, I heard that if you complete vault 87 you can no longer play the game. I have yet to see if this is true.
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    I remember some Vault 8* with GECK, when you try exit Vault some Soldier get you with.. some grenade that "freeze you" (hide your weapons, cant move) and take you to their base, then you need talk with President and escape it, then visit Citadel (Brother of Steel HQ) and then... travel with Big robot to your father's lab and game end.
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    [s?oiler=Caption]testing 1 2 3[/s?oiler]

    aint working for me either
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    @ Core, you can technically do the vault mission, but i find it hard not to complete the storyline afterwards :)

    In any case, dont venture near the water purifier again
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    Ill take some screenshots a bit later when others have completed the game, I found the best armour in the game and a custom sniper rifle thats as good as the plasma gun. That armour was annoying to get though, I was wearing tesla armour and at lvl 20 had to fight deathclaws with fawkes (ally) they almost killed me about 3 times, 5/6 swipes and im on 1 bar of health.

    Tbh I find the hunting rifle to be the most useful weapon early to mid game untill you get a plasma gun or pistol, the minigun is useful for group combat although the spin up period really bites. If you guys want to know where anything is just ask me ive pretty much been to every vault and every spot on the map. I wont spoil it for you anymore though.
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    QFT, still found hunting rifle more useful then plasma at some points tho

    also, gief fallout 3 co-op :lol:

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