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    Well there is a free multiplayer mod for Fallout 2. Need only internet connection and 2 original fallout 2 files: critter.dat and master.dat, second open free test starting tomorow (29 november), game was/is/will - free, becouse it's mod.
    Offical site

    I post it if there is some fallout 2 fans, and want see what is online version xD (client will support english language as well as russian)

  2. LienK Wat

    Re: Fallout online

    Ah, cool.

    So this doesn't require a...uhm...legal copy of the game?
  3. Re: Fallout online

    2 Files from original game, torrents at your service xD
  4. Re: Fallout online

    And you think it is fun? I didn't post any link to fallout 2 anyway. Or your jokes are silly, or you talk too much (c) Barney from half-life.
  5. eoN

    Re: Fallout online

    stop your bitch fits... BOTH of you ;)
  6. Re: Fallout online

    BTW I just noticed - nice sig Tom :D

    Finally someone is using all those fancy BBCodes I added :P
  7. Re: Fallout online

    It's all on russian !!

    Just FYI we do NOT understand russian.. :/
  8. Re: Fallout online

    Sssshhh !!

    I found it after I posted >_<
  9. Re: Fallout online

    Uber way to get fast hi-lvl with armor etc... (Exist people with 50 lvl, omg... there're no level-cap)
    1. Make a char with fav. skills: melee (unarmed) and trader (barter).
    2. Get 2 lvl (heal your self with first aid and killing dogs/rats around town. Or get somewhere 500$ and buy some melee weapon (Brass knuckles).
    3. With second lvl and weapon go to NKR and go for a walk around town.. about 2-3 ?ells up from town.
    a) Meet npc trader, try use thief on him and take him away from his body guards, in the corner of map where his security dont see him, kill trader, get his inventory (many weapons / money)
    b) If you meet some other "friendly" group of npc, do same tactic, every npc one by one get in a corner of map with thief skill and kill!
    5) You can sell stuff you "grab" in New-Reno... in black jacket man near entrience of town, if you have good barter skill you can sell stuff him for good price.
    6. As soon as you get 10-25k buy PA or APA and Super Electro Knucles...
    7. Go for any enemy npc and kill 'em! (Around NKR exist small death claves, 750 Exp 1 kill)
    Enjoy the world of fallout online.
  10. Spykodemon Disabled account

    I am sure Barney will credit you one day for crediting him.
  11. bumping old threads? spyko go play some tf2 for at least an 1 hour :>

    oh tom hackers, wonder when he gonna pop around
  12. Spykodemon Disabled account

    I was speaking to him the other day on Steam and he said that GM is full of arrogance and doesn't trust anyone that is in it. :geno:
  13. rofl. and when was that other day? 8 months ago wen he left?
    tom and i used to chat alot wen he was here :<
  14. Spykodemon Disabled account

    About 2 weeks ago now :awesome:
  15. funny enough. as what I remember that you and tom dont get along well.
    and he last spoke to me in March this year. and hasnt log in steam since then :/
    he big sonic fan i remembered
  16. Spykodemon Disabled account

    We were fine, he just had random outbursts resulting in lols

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