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Would you like to use my vBulletin License or you happy with PhpBB?

  1. Yes - this would be awesome!

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  2. No - I like PHPBB!

  1. FAO: Dark Immortal

    Hi Dark and GM Users.

    I have a vBulletin and vB Blog license going to waste and was wondering if Dark and the rest of the GM Community would like to use it ?
    It is the best Bulletin Board software on the web and with the blog, you can give all GM Members there very own blog.

    The Downside to this is that, with me giving you rights to use the software, I would have to be an admin and would have to install it once it has been uploaded, as when you install it you need to enter your customer ID ?

    Let me know

  2. Ash

    Re: FAO: Dark Immortal

    I disagree.. I think phpBB is a much better then vBulletin.. from a webdesigners point of view I feel vBulletin is put together badly and phpBB is much easier to write mods for etc

    Anything vBulletin can do phpBB can also do.. just vBulletin sets it up already for people that don't know how to do it.
  3. Re: FAO: Dark Immortal

    PhpBB is awesome, and this modified theme is second to none.

    FI-Subice comes close though.
  4. Re: FAO: Dark Immortal


    That's the sound of this topic flying straight over my head :D
  5. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    Re: FAO: Dark Immortal

    phpbb is easier to manager and better themes :P
  6. Re: FAO: Dark Immortal

    you are joking aren't you!

    Without sounding like a dick, you clearly never ran a vBulletin powered forum before, I too was of the same opinion of you, until I got a second hand copy from a friend and the difference is so easy to spot, to manage a community with it is unbelievable, the AJAX moderation features are awesome, simple, quick and makes life of a moderator/s so easy.
    Also when I first visited your board I found it difficult to navigate around your site, for simple things like looking at user profiles, the user profile button is in a poorly designed place it should be located in the postbit info of the user post. I am now used to the design which cosmetically looks nice and the overall them goes well with your sites colour scheme but certain objects are placed rather poorly like I said above with the profile button.

    Weird I found that writing mods for vB is far easier than phpbb.

    Sort of, but you require hacking the code for some of the features that vBulletin can achieve.

    Also I have just renewed my License so in a few months time (if you choose to import from PhpBB to vB) you'll be running the new vB 4.0 which is rumoured to be released this August, the 4.0 will have all the awesome feature previous versions of vB is famous for and why it is the most used forum on the web and the new following features too:

    Cross-content search system providing a single interface to search across forum posts, blog entries and comments and other supported products
    Improved search performance
    A fresh design and layout making use of semantic markup and CSS styling (** NO TABLES w00t+ **)
    An enhanced style and template system to enhance your ability to change the layout
    Controls to assist with the placement of advertising elements
    SEO features, including friendly URLs
    A centralized attachment system, allowing the sharing of attachments across products


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