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  1. Far Cry 2

    Has anyone played it? Any good?
  2. Re: Far Cry 2

    I have it, very dissapointed.
    Sure, graphics and setting are awesome. There are, however, so many things that annoy me.
    The weak and crappy buildings cannot be destroyed. If you burn a tree, it goes black, five minutes later its like nothing ever happened.
    Guns feel 'weak', only the sniper rifle is rewarding. You have to drive around for half an hour between missions, during that you run into guard posts every five minutes. Ditch car, kill guards, get new car, continue. Boring, repetitive.
    I've only played it for about four hours but im very dissapointed in this game.
    Fallout 3 is a whole lot better, and feels more like an FPS game than FC2 does.
    Ill play FC2 some more, but i suggest you download it first to see if you like it.
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Far Cry 2

    I trust the reviews at Gamespot. Here is one for Far Cry 2.
    Your Mileage May Vary.

    - I
  4. Re: Far Cry 2

    How about the securom copyright protection system? I've read on Amazon UK that it's screwed up and that you can only install the game x amount of times.
  5. LienK Wat

    Re: Far Cry 2

    Dont know anything about that..

    But, I bought the game at Thursday, and I am very pleased with the game.
    There are some things that annoy me though, like the AI. The enemies are not very smart, but I dont think that is a big problem.
    And the fact that you will be driving from place to place like 50% of the time also fucks the game up a bit.

    But those two things does not ruin the game imo, if I could go back in time I would buy it again :P
  6. Re: Far Cry 2

    there aint any demo for this :|
  7. Re: Far Cry 2

    Ive heard rumors, but since i torrented the game i cannot confirm.
    Im so glad i did it, wouldve been a complete waste of 50 euros.
  8. Re: Far Cry 2

    gonna find teh game on rs links :P since there no demo :evil:
  9. Re: Far Cry 2

    Not worth the download imho ^^
  10. Re: Far Cry 2

    I download it. It pretty cool though, but need to play more. I'm only by Mike's Bar :)

  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Far Cry 2

    yea it is absolutely awesome when you FUCKING REMEMBER TO SAVE IT!!!!!!11!!!!1 just lost more then an hour of work because I forgot to save and died.
    SO SAVE IT and it's an awesome game
    if you don't save it you'll become emo.
  12. Re: Far Cry 2

    I'm really disappointed in it, never again am i falling hype, especially over a Ubisoft game. Its so repetetive and enemies respawn every 10 minutes, you're driving 90% of the time... its just a disappointment
  13. Re: Far Cry 2

    Ten minutes, Peanut? My god what awesome version of the game do you have! :o
    The enemies respawn every two minutes in my game :D
  14. Re: Far Cry 2

    Yeah i guess i was being generous =P
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Far Cry 2

    ye 2 minutes here too, but that doesn't really bother me, neither does the driving. if you plan out exactly what to use, (Bus, then car or boat etc.) its not that bad at all.
    I am shooting a dumb outpost on act 2, lots of fucking unfair sniper and to much nature to see a fucking thing. and then guess what some fucking jeeps comes up from behind with some kind of fucking pipe bomb OR WHATEVER and blows me into a million fucking pieces
    you cant find out where you are being sniper from. all you can do is stand still, and look around where something little fucking light comes from.
    the rest is cool, just the AI is fucked up.
  16. Re: Far Cry 2

    The DRM does have a limited number of installs to limit the number of pcs you install it on, in this case, to date, 3.

    You are refunded an install everytime you uninstall the game.

    The game suffers from being overhyped massively. What isn't mentioned in most reviews is the two most obvious and irritating aspects of the game.

    Firstly that there are no civilians in the game, no cities, no roving civilians, no farmers, no merchants and hence no life or reality to the landscape. Regardless of the war and displacement there is no evidence of civillian presence in the the world outside the opening crap cinematic.

    Secondly, for a game where they really tried to sell the realism the weapons are completely inaccurate. They are all modelled as being left handed, so the spent shells fire INTO YOUR FACE from the left from the ejection ports on all guns (these are normally on the right to eject the spent shells AWAY from your face). This wouldn't be the end of the world except they actually bothered to animate the jammed shells and jamming animation, thus forcing you to focus in on this irritaion; and you will get a jammed weapon frequently.

    There is also no locational damage on the models, be they ai or vehicles etc.

    This game is a step back for the FPS genre in all aspects except that of the continuous map. The graphics are, at best, from 2007 to allow the background loading to occur "seamlessly" and the physics is in no way procedural and completely pre-animated. To date (6 hours in) I have seen no tunnels and only one very poorly implemented waterfall (itself a sprite). All other water sources are realised via a terrain mapped height value. This essentially means no ponds or water higher than a set table value input in the editor. This shows how dire the engine is and explins why the entire country is so monotonous.

    This game is a 75% game. A lot of the reviews have gone way over the top in extoling virtues that simply aren't present or aren't implemented in such a way as to save the game from its shortcomings.Yyou'll have seen all the weapons and animations that your'e likely to enjoy in under 2 hours.

    I do expect there will be plenty of mods for the game in future that will give more life to the title, but if you're not that concerned this is by no means a "must have" title and I suggest you save your money until it is redcued in price.

    Oh, and its a joke to call it Far Cry anything, as it has sweet fa to do with the original.
  17. Re: Far Cry 2

    Well said, whoever you are!
    Probably one of the most dissapointing moments was when I found out the pathetic little buildings are completely indestructible.
    Hello?? Has anyone over there at Ubisoft played Crysis? Sigh.

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