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Few changes

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Selvar, 16 Jul 2017.

  1. Selvar Uhu

    Hello, I'm going to give last try, at least for now. Lately in prophunt amount of people is getting lower, even if holidays started, just at 2 or 3 days there were more people, then it went almost empty for most time. That's why I'd like to have few changes that could make our server more atractive and being more active.

    1.Add of maps

    I'd like to add ph_007skyrail_v1 and ph_trainstation_final to mapcycle. Out of about 30 maps these two are pretty fine, I checked them overall as if they would be good for new players and regurals. It would be nice to have something new to try.

    2.Remove map

    I'd like to have map ph_range_a3 removed from mapcycle. There is so many things bad about it I don't even know where to start.

    - From blue spawn you are able to kill props before round start, so they can't even leave spawn before.
    - Bigger props are possible to see from blue spawn on almost every spot on the map.
    - In last 5 seconds of preparation time walls arround blue spawn dissapear so it's possible to see where people are still moving in last seconds.
    - Props on this map are either very big or very small, so it's like 100 % you will die or 0 % you will die,as there are many spots on this map where smallest props are almost impossible to find, even for regurals.
    - Water is broken, you can't see anything inside of it, and there is quite much of water on this map.


    This weapon is just too good for this mode, as some weapons were already nerfed or removed i don't know why this one still is that good. Dealing 90 damage with 3 afterburn damage per tick is instant death. There are some tryhards that use those to clean server from people, using with degreaser combo killing in less than second leaving no chance to react for new player. This change could prevent situations where some tryhard person would make about 40 - 50 percent of people leave the server because of no chance to hide or escape also leaving no kills for teammates. That's why I'd like to have it 75 crit damage instead of 90 and afterburn damage lowered to 1 per tick instead of 3.


    This weapon was nerfed some time ago, but atm it's just useless. It takes about 4 seconds to kill someone using the backburner whole time. Comparing to all other flamethrowers which take 1 second to kill it's pretty much I guess I see many new people using it with 0 kills. That's why i think that this weapon should be either removed or boosted, in order to be useful, as the crit damage from back isn't something used very frequently, area of crit damage is very small, and people using double jumps are very hard to hit with it. Also it have only 1 afterburn damage per tick which makes it even more useless.

    5.Voting for next map

    I'd like to change here numbers used to choose it, instead of normal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 I'd like to have 3,4,5,6,7,8,9. This would affect voting as people are used to have lists started with one, pushing blindly 1 to get rid of menu or simply changing weapon in time when the menu pop up, making random vote. This change would make people choose maps not randomly.

    6.Skinned shotguns

    Well, there is nothing to explain I guess, they are bigger problem than other weapons overall, that's why I'm asking
    only about shotguns, as not nerfed versions are way too good. When I'm on server I can deal with them, but I'm
    not there for whole day, so i can't control it all the time.

    7.Fix ph hours played and survival time.

    Well, having 217341 seconds of survival time is something weird i think: Profile
    Ofc mostly it's not that big, but still it's not telling it as it is. And hours, i have 1239 hours in tf2 overall and 2584 hours on prophunt stats page, so it's a bit impossible.
  2. AoB | lord tiki New Member

    I agree with everything on this list, but the flaregun should be nerfed even further to about 50 damage as it otherwise will still be possible to one shot people by just holding M1 button a bit longer with flamethrower.
    An add of new maps would indeed be a very good thing as it will be refreshing for alot of the regulars and please do delete ph_range_a3 as it is just very bad.
  3. Mei New Member

    Here we go again.

    1. Sure, more maps are always welcome, but i dont think Gaw can add them if they're not in rotation(?).

    2. Nah, the map is ok imo, water is broken in every map, remove Switcheroo too then. Range feels like a roulette with the prop sizes, neat experience. Just fix the water.

    3. Remove? Nah. If other weapons were nerfed like Backburner, Pyro shotgun, Rocket Launcher, imo this one should too, half damage for direct shot would be best.

    4. Agreed but not a priority, use stock instead.

    5. Agreed, mentioned this a few times too.

    6. I've been complaining about this for over 2 years. It's not gonna happen...

    7. Oh boy this one is annoying, added like a solid 800 hours to my time which I didn't play for sure. Wonder what causes this, its still a visual bug, shouldn't be a priority, but seems easily fixable.

    Implying anything will be changed
  4. ConTroll Mains World of Tanks

    People who are very good at the game do use the flaregun to clean the map. For them it is just farming simulator since they have memorised the maps and instakills anyone on their route. From my experience there is a strong correlation between them cleaning the maps and people leaving.

    The only reason I haven't been playing on our server so much is because I had enough of being screwed by an unfortunate prop, especially when the strong players are on, as I know I have no chance to hide and no chance to run away either. At least with an ability to change my prop I can experiment with new silly spots that the good players might miss out on, so for this reason most of my ph activity has moved on to a different server. After all, why bother making changes to this server when I can simply play on a different server with the changes already made. :)
  5. Arlem At your service

    Maybe i am new here (Hello everyone. In short: I like anime, cats and play on ph servers) but i started playng tf2 only for ph so maybe that will help to make ph great again (or if is now great, to make it even better).

    Referring to Selvar, the changes he wants to make are good for the server.

    Flaregun is powerful. Many playes use it to kill faster and look for new props (after seeing how many players use it and from my experience). 90 damage to 125 hp scout? rip (sometimes if you are lucky and you are next heal pack).

    Voting for next map : Selvar has already written what the players are doing.

    About skinned shotguns, well i didnt feel their damaging effect on me because more playes are using basic shotguns or flares but I still see admins writing to not use skinned If someone uses them.

    New maps? Give it here! More!
  6. DonnellyFTW New Member

    Trainstation is an alright map, have played it before is popular

    Range is always complained about no matter what PH server it is played on, would agree with getting rid of

    Flaregun OP, people that main degreaser, flare, axtinguisher are 2 shot kills, and if they know how to PH then there's no chance for any new people - should be nerfed or removed imo

    Backburner - I don't really care for this weapon in normal TF2, in ph I feel it's fair, but telling people not to use it or to use stock is difficult at times

    Voting for a map is always something that is brought up, obviously there are popular maps, but people tend to press 1. This also causes some issues with the map "rotation" as there seem to be certain maps that are always on 1 - warehouse for example.

    Skinned weps - Mei has talked about this before

    Potentially get a new ranking system, the current one is so outdated (in terms of players), the person at number 1 has been banned for 3-4 years if I'm not mistaken. Could do with a restart on stats.
  7. KING-OF-PING New Member

    Well here's my 2 cents:

    1. The more maps the better. I'm bored with many.
    2. I'm not sure what all maps are actually on the server. But there's a about 3 that I'm sure are just too newb for non new players. I'm bad with names but I think a couple are Maze and Farm Feud...not sure of other name. Not even a challenge most of the time for blues. Just a cap fest.
    3. and 4.Flaregun- if that think can be as strong as it is and be OK, then make a give some other weapons some super power or at least realistic. Like the crappy rocket launchers. Worthless!!! Dang pyro weapons are getting to be kinda weak other than one superweapon which is ridiculous.
    5. I have no real comment about voting other than voting u small maps with a ton of players is crappy imo.
    6. Skinned shotguns...give us all one :) There's one server that just takes away the use of a weapon and totally blocks it somehow. Not sure if any of you have been on the one that blocks the scorched shot. I hate that it's blocked, but wonder why you couldn't do that to a shotgun?
    7. I haven't even noticed time played being wrong. I can't keep up with that stuff.
    8. Where's 8???
  8. KING-OF-PING New Member

    Can we have a ranked system for worst players, so I can be number 1 worst shooter as a prop?
  9. Mei New Member

    Absolutely disagree.
  10. DonnellyFTW New Member

    Only cause you're one of 7(?) in top 150 that actually play Moo
  11. Mei New Member

    Because its the History of Prophunt, don't think anyone who played over 4 years would like that it would be removed.
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  12. Vallun "New" member

    Just change everything to balloon race it's the far superior game mode.
  13. psycho_geezer New Member

    I'll always support the ph server no matter what the changes, unless they're absolutely crazy of course.

    1 - Add maps. Welcomed by me! New maps = more exploring for new spots, instead of just using the same ones I always do ;)
    2 - Remove map. Makes sense, another welcome.
    3 - Flaregun nerf. Not something I would have complained about myself, I use flaregun myself so I can't complain if I die to one. I think there's a certain skill involved in aiming a flare. However, if this is something that upsets other players and could increase player numbers, then I welcome the change.
    4 - Backburner removal or boost. I don't use this weapon, but the change makes sense.
    5 - Map voting. YES PLEASE!
    6 - Skinned shotguns. I understand them being OP at the moment, are you suggesting they could be nerfed too or just removed?
    7 - PH time fix. Not something I ever look at, but it will be important to some people, so definitely should be looked into.

  14. ConTroll Mains World of Tanks

    But I like having 3k hours on gm ph despite only having played 1k hours of tf2
  15. Made some changes tonight as discussed in discord

    • Heavy limit
    • Degreaser
    • All skinned weapons and other new weapons
    • Festive shotgun
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  16. ConTroll Mains World of Tanks

    Uhh... What just happened? :o
  17. Mr. Pink! New Member

    How about instead of removing degreasers, how removing andreas instead? :) Also pls no trainstation

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