Fighting the good fight

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  1. Fighting the good fight

    A lot of people have been expressing their interest in participating in league matches. We are working towards that but I want you to know something about these matches. These matches are not for FUN. They are about winning and nothing else. You will be going up against teams that are serious and dedicated to win. They are nothing like public matches.

    What does this mean?
    • You have to be DEAD serious about these matches, you can only get anywhere with dedication and perseverence. Any starting team will be steamrolled* at least 90% of their first 50 matches until they get enough experience to work as a team. Most clans cease to exist before they get through this point. The other 10% are matches against other starting teams.
    • Matches are played under great duress, any mistake on your part can and will result in failure. Your team is depending on you and letting them down causes confusion and bitterness during the game and aftermatch discussions. This can lead to arguing, resentment and even hatred amongst the team members. You might be thinking that i'm joking, but i'm not.[/*:m:1ose9q25]

    What do you need to know?
    • TF2 has to be a priority on your time schedule, casual players can never compete in these matches.[/*:m:1ose9q25]
    • Choose a class and stick with, even if you can own public servers with any class. Playing your offclasses on matches will just get you killed. Be prepared to get owned even with your primary class.[/*:m:1ose9q25]
    • on 6v6 from what i've seen so far the only classes are scouts, demos, soldiers, heavies and medics. 8v8 There might be a sniper or engineer.[/*:m:1ose9q25]
    • Learn all the maps. Dustbowl and Goldrush are hardly chosen for matches. (a lot of our players favor dustbowl/goldrush on public servers)[/*:m:1ose9q25]

    In short the ingame dynamics of match play are vastly different from public play, the low amount of players and strong use of tactics will result in much more intense and stressing gameplay. Which is highly rewarding but also that much more punishing.

    Why am i writing this?
    Many of you have never played this way before and I want you to prepare for whats comming your way if you go in that direction. I'm not saying playing this way cannot be fun, but merely stating that the objective is winning and that you'll have to serious about it.

    * Steamrolled means getting crushed within second of the start of the match. AKA playing dustbowl witn 6 snipers, 3 spies, 4 achievement whoring medics and 2 engineers that forgot how to build a teleporter .
  2. Re: Fighting the good fight

    i've had that ;)

    as i said, i have GMT+2, so i will be able to participate. I just hope you wont set the matches past 9pm GMT ;)

    I said it, and i'm saying it again: Play pickups. It gives you a good idea how it feels to play with/against GOOD players, not Engineer-charging noobs.

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