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Discussion in 'The Wastelands' started by Mysteryem, 7 Mar 2013.

  1. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Well done, lad.
  2. Just logged on and it's looking pretty darn cool; can't wait to see it all up and ready.
  3. Cactus The key is to never give up


    Just to let you know, if I see you, I will kill you and take your stuff. Please do the same for me!
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  4. Oh of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll go set up the gauntlet of traps.
  5. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Currently, these settings are going to be enabled/disabled: (assume 'enabled' for most features if they are not listed and have been on the vanilla server or are from a new plugin which is specific to the wastelands server)
    1. Players will die if they combat log (players will be given a message when it is safe for them to log out)
    1. No /home, /back, /spawn, /suicide, /tpa, /tpahere and similar commands (unless an economy system is introduced at a later date in which case, they could cost money to use)
    2. Access to warps or teleport signs that will take the user to another 'spawn hub'/'safe area' if/when more of such buildings exist in the world
    1. Plant growth at 75% of the default values
    1. 100% chance of getting a player's head when using an iron/diamond sword/axe (perhaps they could gain more use later? Cash them in for prizes or sell them for money etc.)
    1. Hardcore mode enabled, you will lose a small amount of exp on death
    2. Repair skill disabled (repairing is done through repairrecipe or default minecraft repairing)
    3. Herbalism "Green Terra" ability disabled (can turn dirt into grass, grass+bonemeal=infinite seeds)
    4. Herbalism "Green Thumb" ability partially disabled (dirt into grass part is disabled)
    5. Herbalism "Instant Wheat-Regrowth" ability disabled (% chance to instantly replant wheat when harvesting without using any seeds)
    1. Giant mushroom blocks do not drop mushrooms of their respective types (mushrooms do grow naturally after all
    2. Electrified creepers drop glowstone dust (greater chance and potentially more dropped when using any sword) or glowstone blocks (using gold sword)
    3. 10% chance of a witch spawning a blaze on death (I would like to add more of these to the witch and would also like to buff the witch's drops)

    I would also like some opinion on whether some permissions/features need to be disabled/enabled:

    Add a stats/leaderboards plugin?

    1. Tempban players for a few minutes if they combat log?
    1. Add a kit with some tools or food or ___ that is given to new players of the server?
    2. Kick afk players after x minutes, or never kick them?
    Extra Hard Mode:
    1. Assuming it works, anything from: ?
    1. Destroy plants if they don't have sunlight? (doesn't apply to mushrooms obviously)
    1. Enable LWC with a very low number of chest protections per player (no other protections), but still allow all players to open the chests and take items (only stops the chest from being destroyed)
    2. Alternatively, there are options for protections on chests/other blocks only when the player is offline or online.
    1. Disable Call of the Wild mob taming skill? It allows the player to summon a pet wolf or ocelot. (do note that they would burn in sunlight and that due to my laziness currently, they would get the fire resistance when they first spawn, but would lose it after a few minutes. Getting the fire resistance effect can be changed quite easily)
      • Neither of these mobs spawn by default
      • At taming level 250 however, they become immune to fire/the sun
    2. Disable woodcutting "Leafblower" ability? Enables users to get a 1/10 drop rate of saplings (at level 100) as opposed to the usual 1/20.
    3. Disable fishing skill due to it's 'renewability' of items?
    4. Should the Chimaera Wing be enabled?
      • If so, how should feathers be obtained? (it may be possible to create a custom crafting recipe for the wing itself)
    1. Add some of the stuff from ?
      1. I may just add this plugin to remove the melon/pumpkin stem when farming (you get enough seeds from the plants in the first place, though it does mean that their growth will be significantly slower due to the replanting, this can be offset with gsLimiter however if needs be)
    1. Suggestions for other changes to mob drops (note that you can spawn mobs as well as items)
    2. Disable carrot/potato drops from zombies?
    3. Reduce drop rates from wheat/carrots/etc.?
    1. Disable vanilla repair recipes? (rely on RepairRecipe instead which doesn't have the 10% durability bonus, however does not require additional sticks when looking at the raw materials needed to repair)
    2. Any other custom recipes? I'm thinking about currently unobtainable blocks, such as end stone, however, these could be added to the terrain generation through custom objects or similar
    3. Notes about RecipeManager:
      • Multiple items can be produced
      • A chance can be given for the successful crafting of each product
      • A chance can be given for if the crafting table/furnace/player(2x2 grid) to explode upon crafting a specific recipe
      • Some recipes (incl. furnace) can require the player to be a certain exp level or have a certain amount of money, or can award the player these things for some recipes instead
      • Console commands can be activated upon crafting specific recipes (rainmaker anyone?)
      • Furnace recipes can take different amounts of time (16 leather made from 16 rotten flesh using 1 coal for example)
    1. What chance should users have of keeping enchantments on gear when they repair it?
    1. Chances-of and time-between disasters/extreme weather occuring?
    My personal 'wastelands fixes' plugin:
    1. Add rare skeleton/zombie/pigzombie spawns which have enchanted weapons/armour?
    2. Give the affected mobs colour coordinated leather armour to distinguish between enchantments? (This would be as a substitute for zombies and skeletons not being able to spawn with armour/enchanted weapons/etc. currently due to bukkit bugs)
      • Very small chance to spawn a group of 3 skeletons in red leather armour, all with punch enchantments for example
  6. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

  7. Infernal Dragon I love people very much.. with ketchup

    So there is every man for himself? If I'll met someone I have to kill him, right? Even if this will be HellJack? And there will be no clans and such stuff?
  8. Mister Spuds I don't understand what's going on here...

    It depends on how kind you are, you don't have to kill everyone, but it isn't against the rules as its fully endorsed.

    Also, are we having random spawn locations? That way people won't get too used to spawn and making their way back.
  9. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    You're welcome to try, Dragon.
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  10. My eye is on Lewy, for the whole game.
    He won't want to move in with me next year because i'm going to pillage his items and wreck his base... irl.:)
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  11. Jindo Just Look at the Parking Lot, Larry.

    My input with regard to the questions Mysteryem put forward:
    • Stats/leaderboards would be a great idea particularly for number of player kills, mob kills and longest survival.
    • While I think startup on the Wastelands should be more accessible for newcomers, I wonder if kits would be too easy, maybe just start out with a small amount of non-renewable food and nothing else?
    • AFK players should be at as much risk as anyone in terms of getting found and killed, if they want to remain safe they should probably log out.
    • I like the look of all the Extra Hard Mode features.
    • "Destroy plants if they don't have sunlight?" Possibly, this means that torches can't be used to make farms underground? I guess we should be making it easier for players to find each other!
    • If protected chests can be pillaged but not destroyed, I'm not sure if there's any reason to protect them.
    • Players should be responsible for the security of their stuff on and off the server, no chest protections!
    • Agree with all the disabling you put forward for certain McMMO skills except leaf-blower, as Lewy said level 100 pretty much earns it.
    • Agree with the disabling of carrot/potato drops.
    • Agree with reduced drop rate from wheat etc.
    • Not sure if there's a real benefit to difficulty with disabling vanilla repair recipes, their only real use is consolidation anyway.
    • Currently unobtainable blocks ought to be added to the world gen like those chasms you tested.
    • 100% chance to keep enchantments please.
    • More devastating weather (earthquakes/lightning) should be less frequent than acid rain.
    • The whole rare mob spawner idea sounds great, definitely go ahead with that!
  12. Thoughts on Mysteryem's Questions

    Stats/ Leaderboards
    - Brilliant idea. I feel it will also act as kind of a 'bounty board' as players will want to find those who have the highest score in the hope that they're going to be chocked full of beautiful loot.
    Start Up Kits - I'm of two minds on this one. It would make it too easy to begin with if players had them (there would be trees out about about), however as the game progressed there would be less trees so new players would just start getting picked off with ease or die of starvation.​
    AFK Players - What Jindo said.​
    Crops Destroyed without Sunlight - The world is going to be hard enough to live in without having to dig for an underground farm. If people feel they should build a farm above ground then I feel they should have adequate defences. ​
    Protected Chests - No point in protecting them if nothing's going to be in them when someone gets back.
    Drop Reductions / Disables - Potatoes are the craziest food I've ever seen, you can get up to 3 potatoes from one harvest and they fill up 3 food slots (once cooked) and therefore should be disabled. Carrots don't bother me so I'll just get what's given. I don't feel there should be a 100% drop chance of seeds on the wheat though, just 100% chance on getting wheat.​
    Weather - Okay with this.
    Mob Spawner - Okay with this.​
  13. A bounty system would be awesome, maybe if someone maybe kills 10 or more people without dying a bounty is put on someone's head and if you kill them you will get a certain amount of money?

  14. "MDuker has Killed lewyjudge12" x 10
    Server: A Bounty has been placed on MDuker's Head.

    Totally worth it.
  15. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.


    If we are forced to build on the surface, there will be no way anyone would be able to keep their base intact for more than a few hours.

    Plus, if Acid Rain destroys crops and leaves...then you are right and proper fucked.
  16. True, forgot about Acid Rain. Stop global warming.
  17. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    World has been deleted again and is set up with the random teleport mechanic like how it will be when the server is complete. I'm going to update the files for Better BOB so that anvils, cobblestone walls etc can be used in it.
    I also understand the values for the BOBs better now since I actually found a post explaining them.
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  18. Awesome :)
    Can't wait until it's finished buddy. Good work
  19. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Losing your worn armour has been fixed. (no other changes have been applied to Rioter's server's version at this time)

    I am still looking for more schematics/BoBs for the terrain generation! (if we want them)

    Though, I have been thinking, if people created some larger ones or some that specifically need mob spawners/chests with items. We could use the random teleport sign and add one of these buildings where we end up until we are happy with how many are in the world.

    If you do decide to create such a structure, it would be beneficial if all of the air on the inside (or outside to the cuboid's boundaries) of a structure be set to a temporary block such as bedrock. That way, the structure can be pasted in from its schematic ignoring any air blocks (the air in your schematic won't be pasted into the world) so that the structure fits snugly with the terrain. Then the temporary block can be changed into air afterwards.
  20. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I am working on a small town. I am just not sure how big to make it as it would be pretty easy just to harvest so many supplies. Or can these structures be protected? I've placed certain items in some of the houses that could be useful aka enchantment table. I am up for making more structures though!


    Other thing about the bedrock. It really takes up alot of time to fill everything in. Let alone a huge structue like the one Spuds made. But I asked Spuds yesterday how he did it and he said via MC-edit if I am correct?

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