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    when i was wachting meet the scout few mins ago.
    i head him say, ima force a nature (around 1.03).

    then i though, hey thats the name of the new scattergun, so thats kinda funny ^^.
  2. Re: Force-A-nature

    I love how you got that so fast! :lol:
    That was like the first thing I noticed when I even saw there was going to be a weapon called "Force-a-Nature". Well it does probably help that Scout is my fav class. :)
  3. Re: Force-A-nature

    That's why they called it the force of nature! Yey references!!

  4. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Force-A-nature

    ye, but it was a long time ago when i watched the "meet the" videos so i didnt remember ;).

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