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    My hard disk was corrupted by Diskeeper last night (boot defrag on 64-bit Vista running on a RAID 0 ftl), and I don't know when (or if) I will be able to fix it.

    Since I'm using a RAID 0, I can't simply boot into the Vista install CD or add another hard disk to boot from - if the RAID driver isn't exactly right (and both the default Windows one and the latest one are not) then the array will be instantly destroyed beyond repair, as has happened twice in the past (thankfully only a day after formatting, so I still had a full backup :P)

    Anyway, I've still got my craptop to help out with GM affairs, but with a charger that can't put out enough current to charge the battery faster than it drains from normal usage (and it does weird things if I try to run it with the battery out), I don't know how long it will hold out.
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    ehhmmm.... *reads it through another time* so basically your computer is kinda broken?
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    Well, his hard drive (s) is (are).
    So, he cannot use it at the moment.

    Good luck darki!

    Btw, why not investing in a Raid-5 config maybe?
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    raid 0 = bad news. Raid 5 = good news. if i was gonna do striping i would choose raid 10.
    Most mobo's nowdays have raid 5, and 10. Certainly the ASUS ROG range. about £130+

    Raid 5 is a stripe with parrity.
    Raid 10 is a mirrored stripe.
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    Darki, I used Raid 0 in my last rig. Honestly it was a pain. Any OC requiring a rebuild meant getting the drivers sorted and I never saw more than +-20 in 3d Mark. If you are looking at performance it is a busted flush - far better going for a raptor or F1. Use exernal for backup.
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    I haven't had any problems specifically because of RAID 0 over any other type of RAID - it's just that the fact it is a RAID which makes it much more difficult to fix a simple MFT corruption (which is what it seems to be).

    Something as simple as chkdsk /f means an endless struggle with Bart PE and RAID driver floppies. :(

    But yeah, even though RAID 0 is awesome (it can happily extract a rar at 100mb/s), it's time I invested in a single 1tb hard disk - I can live with slightly lower speeds. :)
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    Saved again by Paragon Partition Manager - probably the best hard disk management and recovery software in existence.

    As usual, no RAID drivers were needed - it uses BIOS calls for everything, so even my G15 and G5 work perfectly :D

    Well, it might not be fully fixed, but according to its file browser, the file system is still intact and it is currently performing an integrity check (basically what chkdsk does, but at a lower level) - 6 errors fixed so far and 30 mins to go :)
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    Excellenté :)
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    Same problem still :(

    Also, the Vista install disc is doing strange things - the hard disks make the same noise over and over for about 5 minutes before the first screen appears, and it doesn't recognise the RAID, even after loading the correct drivers (which it never needed in the past) :?

    So, the only solution seems to be to buy a large single hard disk (750+ GB), copy the partition over with Paragon PM and attempt to repair it, then copy it back to the RAID and use the other hard disk for nightly backups.
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    oh well I dont like raid, as when there's a problem it mess up raid.

    anyway i back up all my stuff on a 1tb hdd

    I got a 320GB-main HDD
    640GB-second HDD
    1TB-back up drive

    Also it would be better to get a 160GB(or less) as main HDD(operating system only) and install everything else on the 1tb HDD or a second HDD.


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