Future Clan Wars

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    Future Clan Wars

    Lately we started to put more effort into organizing ClanWars with other TF2 clans and communities like the Gaming Masters. When the reputation is at stake we prefer to have our senior members to give a properly destructive first impression in the matches. This is not very good option for the other private community with less league and match experience.

    You have joined this clan for several reasons, some of which are the exceptional atmosphere and the possibility to play organized matches as opposed to the public gameplay experience which in it self is cool, but still unlike a match. We want to give all the private Community the possibility to play organized matches, where teamwork is a central element. For that we will challenge and be challenged by teams of varying skill levels, so that each one of you can confront a reasonable opposition.


    Since it is the organization that makes the teamplay experience, each member of a team no matter which level MUST understand some basic principles.

    1) First of all in all teams there must be an established hierarchy. This means there is a Leader who is in charge, and who everyone obeys. Also known as the Captain or the Caller, this person is by default the medic but other options can also work.

    2) Class roles: There cannot be a teamwork experience if the team members do not understand their roles. Each class has its own role, which changes during the match by certain specific principles.

    3) Objective must be understood as the foundation of all actions. This means that in a team, one doesn't play for points but for the team's objective: the best thing you can you do is to play your class's role as well as you can. If your job is to hold a doorway but there has been nobody in sight for 20 seconds, keep holding it until your Captain gives you a new task.

    4) Communication is one of the cornerstones of teamwork. Get a mic and learn to use it. For those who want a teamplay experience this is a must.


    Some extras:
    * Dynamics will be different in matches compared to the public, actions will have different consequences. A concept that is hard to describe and learn, comes only with experience.

    * All classes are not used in all matches. In your main 3-4 you should have at least 2 of the following: scout/soldier/demo/ and medic. Currently we have several medics in GM, so for you all to be well able to participate in matches you need to start playing other classes. Scout is a good option that teaches movement and fast aiming, skills that are important for all classes. I have understood that the players I am referring to include but are not limited to are Micky, DjShrew, Wooo_Maker, Kaka, Bestplayer, Savage, Disco_Indigo, Jagamuta

    * Learning your class's capabilities goes a long way into improving your overall skill.

    * Learning match dynamics and communication is rather simply achieved by playing mixes or gathers.

    Starting with the 4 points mentioned above will help you a lot with matches. Go for it. Check the following links and explore them thoroughly:
    http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... p?t=792794
    http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... p?t=792436
    Also watch fragvideos and demos from professional players. You will learn much. The purpose of this topic is not to make you a competitive player but to bring you into the world of matches so that you could get the most fun of them. So enjoy, and that was an order. Let me know your thoughts and ask your questions below.

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