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    Game Tips

    I've had an idea. We could make a page on the website with tips for the game that aren't obvious like 'Spin your minigun around corners!' or 'Keep moving while zoomed in as Sniper!'. We can all spew lots of those. Here's my first contribution. Please don't plagarise it >.<

    "Spotting Spies

    Here are some basic rules you can use to track down those backstabbing sentry-killing 'masters' of disguise...
    1. When diguised, enemy spies will appear to you as though they have exactly 50% of their maximum health until they are healed.
    2. Disguised enemy spies will ALWAYS carry the class' primary weapon (Flamethrower for Pyro, Minigun for Heavy etc.)
    3. Disguised enemy spies cannot fire or taunt, but they CAN call for a medic.
    4. Cloaked enemy spies will glow slightly in their team colour when cloaking and de-cloaking. They will also partially appear when shot.
    5. You can set a cloaked (or disguised) enemy spy on fire, and this makes it very easy to track his movement. This means Pyros make great spy-checkers, but they are also good disguises for enemy spies, as they often hangaround behind the lines.
    6. Spies who have recently used a teleporter will have a glow of their own team colour, regardless of who's teleporter it was, and whether they are disuguised.

    So, how do you act on these things to keep your guns safe?

    1. If you're about to heal someone who has exactly 50% health, switch to your syringe gun and hit them a few times to see what happens. If you have the Blutsauger, shooting even a disguised enemy spy will cause '+3' icons to float up above your health metre.
    2. As with most of the support classes, the spy doesn't have much total health. Setting him alight or giving him a single clip at point-blank range will likely get the message across.
    3. Help out your engineers; if you see sappers attached to buildings nearby, shoot everyone in sight to try and find the's better to waste a few rounds than take your time checking individually while they escape.
    4. Because they start on 50% health, and cannot visibly be hurt, disguised enemy spies will NEVER have red flashing health bars. This way you can tell at a glance that someone is not a threat.
    5. Enemy spies disguised as medics will not have a display showing their Ubercharge level, as normal medics would. Even if it is at 0%, a real medic will have a display for the level, so you see one with no display, fire away.

    Save some bullets: Know thy Teammates

    1. If you're being healed by someone, they can't be a spy.
    2. If they are holding a weapon other than the class primary (main attack weapon), they're not a spy.
    3. If they are holding an unlockable weapon, such as the Kritzkrieg or Backburner, they're not a spy. (This fact may change as more unlockables are released, but for the time being, that's a dead giveaway)
    4. If they are badly hurt and have a red, flashing health bar, they're not a spy.
    5. If they're firing anything other than a revolver, they're not a spy.

    Save some time: Know thy Enemy

    If you're a pyro, things are dead easy. Just flame randomers on your team. If one of them sets alight, you've got yourself a spy.

    A simple spycheck procedure for other classes goes as follows, and once you're used to it you shouldn't have to think about it:
    1. Look for obvious signs of espionage, such as randomly disappearing, and changing appearence in a puff of smoke.
    2. Think about where they are. Spies are likely to be lurking around engineers buildings in hope of sabotage, and behind large, easy backstab targets such as heavies.
    3. Check their weapon. If it's primary, and they're not reloading, go to 4.
    4. Check their health. If it's exactly 50%, they're likely to be, but are not definately, a spy.
    5. At this point, squeeze off a few rounds at them. If they shoot back or mouth off at you in chat, they're not a spy. If they promtly die and turn the opposite colour, you've probably just saved someone else's life, your own, or that of your team sentries. Good work."

    Copyright notice: Copyright BeauChaotica approx 2 AM 26/6/08. Eat that. End copyright notice.

    Hope that helps someone out there...maybe it could be more of an incentive for people to check out the site if they can get some tips on here too. Anyway, just thought I'd throw it out there.
  2. Bun

    Re: Game Tips

    Nice idea, to tired to contribute right now, though. ^^
  3. Re: Game Tips

    Now thats some horrible advice! :D
    Always know where your opponents are so you can never be surprised by an enemy sniper.
    Besides, while zoomed in you move so slowly he will insta-headshot you anyways. Just zoom in as little as possible so you can cover all sides :)
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Game Tips

    It's more like ~65% :ugeek: :D
  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Game Tips

    Is it? Meh it's hard to tell with those metres :D
  6. Re: Game Tips

    Quit before you ragequit
  7. Re: Game Tips

    Better: PWN them so THEY ragequit :D
  8. Re: Game Tips

    :lol: loooooool :lol:
  9. Re: Game Tips

    Just drink some gallons of alcohol and you wont become angry and ragequit.
    It works for me :lol:
  10. Bun

    Re: Game Tips

    Yeah, if you make it legal to drink at the age 13. :>
  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Game Tips

    In england it is!

    So long as it is in private.
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    Spin the minigun round corners? Maybe... maybe...
    Thrust your uppercut into the chin of a pyro hiding round the corner, da... da...
    I have yet to meet pyro who can outsmart uppercut.

    BTW obvious spy-detection technique not mentioned. Bumping into them? As you walk straight through your team members...
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    In my opinion...

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    My tips are pure Theory Fortress 2, but I constantly use them as guidelines myself. (cos I'm so pro1337 I can sense Spies, I don't really need them)

    Only Spies spam for medic in the open, or generally not in cover.
    Only Spies yell "Spy!".
    Spies don't usually disguise as Heavy or Soldier because of the low speed.
    If you are not in a "situation" and you hear an Engineer shouting "A SPAH IS SAPPIN MAH TEPELORTER!1", head for your spawn as there is bound to be a Spy.
    If someone is looking straight at you, he's a Spy, seriously. :lol:
    If someone does a spray "FYI I'm a Spy", he's totally not a Spy.
  15. Bun

    Re: Game Tips

    Lies, many people scream medic!
    More lies, I scream spy often!
    I do. =P
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    hmmm... :D
  17. Re: Game Tips

    btw if birthday mode is on, you can see the invisible spy's party hat!!! :-o
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    aww really? gotta try this. Sure he wasnt on your team?
  19. Re: Game Tips

    yes.. just a few stuff i wanted to tell you.. hehe.. its been soo hard being a spy for the past few weeks.. coz of the updates.. SOO HARD!.. but i can still manage.. hehe.. its been fun making people get shocked when they hear a LOUD scream and see their character flying forward with a stab at their back..

    SPY 101

    nwhaahha.. :evil: seXsi stYle :evil:

    1. Disguise is crucial - before heading out in the battlefield make sure you let you teammates go out the gates first. Demos usually plant sticky.. wait for the right oppurtunity.. huhu..

    2. Disguise yourself as someone that the enemy wont have reasons to shoot you.. e.g. if there are many SGs be an Engi.. there is a big chance there will be pyros.. you can disguise yourself as pyro too.. although heavy and soldiers are slow.. you can at least try.. :lol: (I usually go Medic) huhu FastJohn!..

    3. When trying to reach the enemy without cloak, try moving backwards. just jump backwards and yell "Incoming!" or sumthing.. like.. "huhu!".. :lol: this will make you look like youre being attacked..

    4. If a Engi and his "stuff" (SG, Dispenser, Tele) are alone.. you have a good chance getting em' all.. just cloak and go where the Engi has no sight of you.. then sap all of his "stuff" if he does'nt shoot at you continue sapping, I think he'll go for his dispenser first because it has only short life.. when he does that.. and turns around to hit his sentry.. BACKSTAB him!.. nyhahahaha.. :lol:

    you have a good chances when the enemy is still building at LVL1 sentry.. and u will just be knocked back with less damaged unlike LVL2s and LVL3s..

    5. Before heading out.. be sure to hide somewhere safe and with escape routes.. or else you trapped.. hehe.. and check if you have a good amount of health, cloak time, and OBVIOUSLY.. you must be disguised.. :lol:

    6. Try walking in zigzag motion.. as GM Sandman said "Try bumping into your team mates!" and "seXsi is soo cute".. he is right.. when disguised or cloaked you cant go through enemies including their sentries, dispensers, etc. so try to avoid contact..

    7. When youre under enemy fire (not pyros) but normal guns like shotguns,pistols,minigun.. try moving the opposite way! when they see you moving right.. they will think you moved right, so move left!.. hehe.. vice versa.. just think when youre in their place.. what would you do?.. right?.. huhu!..

    and when their shooting you while youre running.. do the "zigzag seXsi motion" thisll get you out..

    8. When you see few enemies and you are in a big map, Try going into a safe hidden distance.. Instead of waiting for your cloak to come back up.. you can just shoot the SGs, Teleporters, or dispensers from far away..

    and.. im soo lazy.. to tell you more.. just.. a-few-more..

    9. When a pyro is burning you?.. just shoot away with your gun!.. youre gonna die anyway!.. haha.. while your on it.. get to places with health packs.. or close to your team mates.. k?.. huhu!..

    10. remember "seXsi's tips"

    by: Aeonflux of GM >>> [GM] seXsi

    nyAhah!.. im really bored.. my connection isnt ok.. so i was thinking ill post sumthing LONG in the forums to kill my time..

    Hi to iBunny, Reverend, Nommy!, Noodle, Geitei,

    Happy vacation to my dear Kryptonite >>> FastJohn

    Huhu to Beau, Acid, Sandy (who said he started "huhu" but it was me) LOL

    ;) to
    Core and Dark.. mmm.. the Supreme Ones..

    tiLl here guys!.. byee.. uhmm..add me!.. ISS..
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    FYI.. Im seXsi.. ;)

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