Game Types & Server Population

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    Game Types & Server Population

    Hi guys, long time no see

    Been looking for some TF2 action recently and while Prophunt and BalloonRace are generally populated at the weekend it seems to be hard to get some down and dirty DB or GoldRush with any number of players. Am I missing something. If not, what time is everyone on? Darki - should be able to tell from logs.

  2. also doublecross is apparently popular than db :O

    yesterday cp_gorge was nearly full. it best do put the players down to 24, as it becoming an engineer fest on 32 man.
  3. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    I've had to try filling up #3 from scratch the past few times I've been on =/ uphill work I tell ya

    I think it must just be to do with peak times; during the day perhaps people are still out living their 'lives' or whatever.
  4. yeah i noticed GM is dead these days.
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Nice bump. - I've noticed that TF2 is dead these days.
  6. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

    After having a conversation with him; I want to apologize to DjShrew :o.
  7. Seems to be dieing, Alot of servers that were once full now have tumbleweed blowing about in them.
  8. Yeah - used to be there were packed servers everywhere, I was queuing for ages waiting to join - now I hardly ever have to. It's a shame, because my PC won't run Bad Company 2 so when most of the guys here move on that'll probably be the end for me.
  9. Knud Phat beats only

    I remember you had a decent pc? What specs you have?
  10. AMD X2 4400+, 2GB RAM, 256MB 7900GT.

    It's running on a clean XP SP3 partition, nothing else installed but Steam and TF2. I'd love to upgrade to a meatier CPU at least, but just don't have the cash.
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Well, it aint that bad, just get a faster GPU to start with.
    If you can spend (or save up to) like 100 pounds, get an "older" 4870, or something like 5750.
    Then, save more and upgrade mobo and cpu and mem at a later stage.

    My lan party pc runs amd FX-62 (@2.8ghz) and some 8800GTS sli, also nothing special, but can run most new games, at fairly good FPS (40-60 @1280*1024 res)
  12. I'm shocked that nobody is joining the servers with crappy maps and fail game modes. Shocked!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. gRiMrEaPeRsco Thunder ... wait for it ... Penis

    but what shinkz speaks is the truth
  15. Oh erm gee, let's see. It's easy getting a game of Prop Hunt or Double Cross (CTF) but the other fail maps/game modes such as Spambowl/Fail-load are empty. Sooo.. pointing out clear observations some how makes me a troll?

    Well gosh, I got owned and proven wrong there. Nice job skippy. Keep up the good work.

    I'll leave you guys alone to QQ some more.
  16. Bearing in mind PropHunt and DoubleCross are very much new gamemodes and maps respectively, another potential observation could be that people are playing them because they haven't been available as long? While I'm not going to argue that it's easier to get a game of Prophunt and DC, check out the release dates:

    Dustbowl (stock map): October 2007
    Goldrush (launch of payload maps): April 2008
    Prophunt (officially released by Dark): Late July 2009
    DoubleCross: Mid-December 2009 (with the WAR! update)

    Clearly, with Dustbowl and Goldrush having been out for over 1-2 years BEFORE the launch of your stated "better" games, might it not simply be that people have played them to death? You're entitled to your opinion of course, but please don't try to force it onto others - you sound incredibly arrogant and thoroughly unlikeable. It's certainly not an example an admin should be setting.

    Note: If you were going to be antagonistic, you could also say that Prophunt also has a lower skill level entry - it's a vastly simplified gamemode (no offence meant Dark, it's how it should be) that simply doesn't require the same amount of teamwork and understanding of class balance and counter that the regular/original maps/gameplay do.
  17. I thought I'd take the Raeg approach to things and be an asshole. Seems to work well for him.

    It's interesting of you to point out that I'm "forcing my opinion" onto others when I've done no such thing other then make a simple observation about the servers. It's also quite interesting how you've insulted me twice, first calling me a troll and then an arrogant and unlikeable person. But I'm the one in the wrong and not setting an example as an admin? Well gosh... I really don't know what to say about that.

    It's nice of you to admit nobody plays them because they're over-played and boring though.
  18. I don't think you're being an asshole at all - you're expressing your view which I actually do consider to be important. I do believe that those two maps have been played so much people are bored of them, which is why it's sometimes hard to find people to fill those servers.

    At the risk of being accused of backing down, my troll image was something I'd added quickly and intended in a far more lighthearted manner than you have obviously taken it. My comment about your arrogance, unlikeableness and a poor example of admin attitude was primarily based on your attitude your comments seemed to be inferring towards those "normal" (my term, for simplicity's sake) TF2 players who play the regular maps more regularly than special gamemodes. Specifically referring to this:

    and this:

    Taken at face value, I can't help but assume that you meant them in a superior or obnoxious manner. Having had little contact with you before this point (due to me not playing prophunt very often), I only have your forums posts and this thread to go on - not exactly ideal, I must admit. Your observations regarding the maps are accurate as far as I'm concerned, but the way in which you made them appeared (to me at least) to be derogatory.

    I've no desire to turn this into an internet fail-argument - I just wanted to express my own opinion on the subject, so I'm happy to leave it here to die if you're in agreement.

    EDIT: Sorry for derailing the thread guys, carry on :)
  19. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Remember: grown-ups are supposed to set an example to those less intellectually privileged. Good job there, hard hat!

    There's no reason to get arsey about it, just tell us what you think and we'll take it on board.
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    This thread reminds me of Slough.

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