Gfx comparsion: PC vs. XBox 360

Discussion in 'Left 4 Dead' started by Obaruler, 19 Nov 2009.

  1. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Gfx comparsion: PC vs. XBox 360,699760/Le..._id=232022&image_id=1223241&page=1&order=#top

    If you wanna laugh a bit about the crappy console graphics of the BrickBox 360, just click my link and have some nice laughs about what the Console-players call "graphics quality" -> Low Res texture, lack of AA and AF ....... pathetic xD



    (Dont wonder about some grey blood on some pictures -> Cuted german version >_< , uncut UK import, set to german ftw)
  2. shadiku nyoro~n

    I could care less, I play the game for the gameplay. Plus PC version just looks like they went a bit too happy with the fucking film grain.

  3. LOL console fail

    Btw could care less = you care :P
  4. Pretty sure you can turn down the grainy film graphics in settings. I love both my PC and Xbox-360 equally. But that's probably because my 8800GT 256MB GPU is a bit weak and stuttery in some games, whereas the xbox runs smoothly with every game. I've just played and completed COD4 on Veteran, and it didn't lag once. :)
  5. shadiku nyoro~n

    Don't know if I can handle Left 4 Dead 2, but it's a Source game so I probably will be able to with a 3200+ 2GHz, 2GB RAM DDR2 and an 8800GT 512MB.
  6. Yeah, but what you need to remember Oba is that Xbox 360 = cheap option :P Not everyone has enough money to afford the best PC in the world :P

    Still, I would never get it for console - played the demo and was actually gob smacked at how low the quality for it was :o
  7. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    nah consoles are better, imo
  8. Fromage "The Cheese"

    You have to compare the same specs otherwise it isn't anywhere applicable. Look at L4D on a PC from 2005 and we're talking the same setup. It's really hard just to fit in stuff on 256 mb of ram on the Xbox so think about what you could do on a PC with the same amount. Xbox 2005 VS pc 2009 isn't a fair comparison, it a stupid comparison.

  9. Knud Phat beats only

    Oba, stop ranting about consoles will ya.
    Buy all the games you like and save the PC industry.
  10. Fromage "The Cheese"

    PC is already a dying platform because of the leechers :evil:

  11. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Haha london thinks the xbox owns for graphics quality.
  12. Knud Phat beats only

    Yeah i know.
  13. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Thats why sticking half a decade on the same device is FAIL.

    The BrickBox and the PS3 had both not enough memory right from the start, now we just see the result of it, + the GPUs inside are now 3 generations below ...... console might look epic right after launch, but after 2 years allready they are nothing but assfucked by PCs again .....

    IF you take Gaming seriously as your favourite Hobby, you should spent some money on it and buy decent Hardware (PCs), if your car is your hobby, you are used to waste severl hundreds/thousands in it every year, to have an upper standart PC, you have to spend 300-400€ per year, (buying a 200-250€ midclass gfx every 1-2 years, additional RAM/HDD every 2-3 years, new CPU/MoBo every 2-3 years), its not like you are forced to buy a new 2000€ PC every 2nd year .... those guys, who bought a 8800GT / 512MB 2 years ago can still play most of the games on mid/high settings and still look better than the BrickBox in most cases.

    Consoles are for poor people only and/or players with absolutly no taste/techn. experience, those kinds of players that think the MASTA CHIEF IS KEWL, ya know ....

    Too sad, i was forced to buy a PS3 for MGS4 ....
  14. too much internet oba...

    what can i say, pc are good for better graphics and performance.

    but even ps2 is still good in these day, nobody can stop me. xD

    I only buy ps3 games for racing and fighting games. PC for MP and solo shooting games.

    another good thing about console, you can family and friends playing same room, u knw like 2 player modes etc while on computer you can only play online at home, no second player for a friend to play etc, taking turns and so<--- annoying and boring
  15. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Thats not the PCs but the developers fault.

    Coop on one screen would be epic on PC in some games, i agree.
  16. You can disable it if you want.
  17. shadiku nyoro~n

    This forum is full of people who hate consoles..
  18. I like consoles - they provide comparatively cheap entertainment -- they're also much better for third person games like Fable IMHO. Both have their strenghts and both have their weaknesses - just choose the one that's right for you :3

  19. I can think of 2 advantages of consoles:

    1. Real life social interaction
    2. No distractions so shit games seem better
  20. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    I blame the fanboys.

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