GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

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  1. GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Game on - Session for new and existing GM clan members who want to/need to practice their match skills! 3 match maps to start with Badlands, Grannary, gravelpit. If we have time then Turbine.

    Signed up so far in no particular order :-

    1 Vacoy
    2 Tonks
    3 Savage
    4 Lienk
    5 Dark
    6 Garion
    7 Apex
    9 Benito
    10 Bestplayer
    11 You rang
    12 Micky
    13 Disco - 1st Medic 2nd Heavy 3rd Pyro
    14 Squeaks?

    14 Kaka
    15 Not Uncle Dave
    16 Grendal
    17 Micky

    Part of the new goals which the leaders of GM have been working on is to have a good solid family foundation membership, which includes players that want to succeed at tf2 and move onto the pro side of tf2. Are you up for this, are you ready to take the next step and up your game?

    32 Dustbowl is the GM bread and butter, but man (or woman) can't live on bread alone! We need to get better, we need to skill up and then maybe we will be recongnised as a gaming clan who have the best fun servers our there, but also some of the best TF2 players as well!

    Hopefully in the very near future a rotation map will come into being with match map classics (which I am so much looking forward to) which will help our cause.

    I have never arranged one of these before so I need your help. Please be online in the TF2 GM war server, and on vent by 6.55pm at the latest. If I can have volunteers as captains for team (experience would be good but not essential) then convo me. I also need some basic help i.e. which map version is required so that a "timit to beat" appears for the second round when caputuring all points...yes I am very new to this...

    Please use this session to test your individual skills and most importantly you team skills. Please listen to the team captain, report enemy players quickly, try not to spam the mic, and work together. If you are getting owned don't dismay, just think about whats going wrong and change your tactics. Try to keep your cool and don't let your frustration out on your team, don't mess about as you teaam mates are depending on you, but most of all have fun :)

    The teams will be scrambled after each best of 5, (I think this is standard protocol)?

    Good luck teams :)


    ps sorry one last thing, had to dash to pub whislt sorting this out so didnt write all the players 1st 2nd and 3rd preferences, so could you please reply to this email with your preferneces thx.
  2. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Etiquette is generally to play to 6 then call it quits if you are thrashing/getting thrashed, although if it's close then play the full 30 mins.
  3. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Is this for full GM members only, or also for lil wannabe's (recruits) like me ? ^^
  4. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    This is for players with mic only? (cuz I'd like to train with you guys, but got no mic... and experience is achieved by competitive play right :P )
  5. Th-

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    I believe in this training micless players can also attend, though Disco is in charge of this event. You should wait his response.
  6. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    You'll get SOME experience from it, but competitive play = having a mic tbh.
  7. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Hi Oberular, I have tried to identify full GM clan members to play tonight as its part of our GM goals and policy to encourge and promote and skill up our members as best we can. However, if we dont have enough players turn up then it swould be great if you could join us.

    Pissmidget is absolutely right in what he is saying in respect of mic requirements for match play. If players dont have a mic for tonight that will be bad, but not the end of the world. :) I would like to encourge everyone to get a mic; its needed for good team play, and actually it would be great to hear and talk to people on the public servers aswell :)
  8. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    First all all I would like to thank all of you that turned up to this event. We got to play 3 maps in the end (Badlands Grannary and Gravel Pit).

    To all that did participate please give some feedback. How did it go for you, how did your team do, how could the team play better in the future, did you find a new class to own everyone?

    For me I had a great time playing with my online mates :) I went heavy first (suprise suprise) then went medic as I didn't stop talking as usual.... The teams I went on did really well, helped each other and defended and attacked in force.

    On the downside, I was a crap organiser... I didnt know how to put the map on competition mode, and hadn't any plans on who should play with whom, and what classes people should be, I just went with the flow and let people make their own decisions on what they wanted to play, apart from the only rule 1 medic 1 demo per team. Also we started 15mins late... ah well..

    Anyway I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, please post you thoughts and comments as would like to hear what you have to say, and if anyone is interested I'll try and organise another game next week (I think TP wold like a 6v6 :))

    Disco :)
  9. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Well, i would say ...... we still have to improve team coordination / teamplay

    On last map, there were in my team (blu/attacker) 2 snipers and 2 scouts ..... i think i dont have to comment this or have to say, that we lost =)

    As well as there we havent any battle plan. We were discussing which of the 2 points we had to take first ... because there were noone saying anything against the statment "b is easier, lets take it first), i thought we would all take this spot first, so me, the pyro i ubered and a scout were goind to b .... rest walked to a >_<

    + I had quite no protection sometimes (was medic the whole time) on the last map, so i died a lot ..... well, bad luck maybee, but as defender i was standing on b point (a was allready taken), but there were just 1 soldier on the top, rest of team were not there. So I - medic - aws standing on the point to hold it ... *mhhh* .... couldn't hold, call me a nub if you like (allthough i killed 2 blus before i died), but as a medic it shouldnt be my task to stop them caping the point on my very own.
  10. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    TP indeed would like a 6v6 practise session against the new breed of GM's ^^
    TP has lost a lot of members and we've got a couple of new ones (and/or ppl who want to join us) and we'd really like to test these new members
    plus we are all GM regulars, so i'm glad TP can help you out improve your games ^^ (and in return we get to improve as well)
    i'll be discussing the facts with you Disco :)

    anyway GM's, how'd it go?? :D
  11. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    A is a lot easier to take than B.
  12. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    But that wasn't what i thought we would do ... noone said "no, let's take a, it's easier", that was the problem :(

    And personally i prefer to take b first ..
  13. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    Well the teams were scrammed some so it's difficult to pin much down, but I can say that the team I was on always lost :) see a pattern :lol:

    Firstly, I'd like to say that it was a thoroughly enjoyable match, largely because of the friendly banter we had going through the mess that was the vent channel :) Unfortunately I've been asked to make some constructive criticism and, well you know how much I hate to complain.'s only really the normal Q_Q about communication and teamwork. People often didn't seem to stick together, but the most prevelant problem I found was that most people seemed to think they had a better idea than everyone else, yet kept it to themselves.

    Taking the gravelpit points as an example..a 6v6 team should work with a co-ordinated team effort, but what we got was half the team running off to see if they could do better on their own. The results speak for themselves, I think. I found too many people had an attitude of "Oh, it's ok..someone else will do it." Even at the beginning I was trying to find out the state of vent, I asked who was on it and not a single person responded. I don't know about you but that seems stupid to me. Asking again I got an improvement of 4 responses..I don't think this sort of thing should need motivation in the form of threats :P

    In contrast, there were some high points where we rallied together and made some progress. On badlands, I saw some great collaboration working on the middle point as the scouts flanked the opponents with the rest following in behind and some sniping going on from the sidelines - I'd like to see some more of this :D

    Ofc the only way to see more is by doing it again, so.. :)

    Good game guys :D
  14. Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    At the end it was a bit of a mess. Yeah me and savage worked well as scouts on badlands.
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: GM 6 v GM 6 (or highlander) Tue 10/2/09 7pm GMT

    it was fun but way to chaotic. And to our lovely disco :)
    You love to talk, a LOT that's great on public servers. Thanks to your happy talking a lot of people come back later hoping to hear you again :D

    However, in a match you should only talk when you really have to, watch on that and you'll be fine ;D

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