GM expanding to other games

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kroimpa, 18 May 2008.

  1. GM expanding to other games

    Hello all!
    I just wanna ask if the GM community feels like expanding beyond our levels, like a GM Counter Strike server, or a GM Halo server or a GM MTA server or a GM Unreal server.
    Dont get mad at me beacus im asking, i just wanna know and if you feel GM is only about TF2 (it mainly is), but maybe (if tou think were ready and got anough admins and stuff) we could expand beyond our limit of TF2), its just a question. And i like to bhear ya opinion bout it :D!
    I still feel like a TF2 clan and its just a sugeestion for the future so lets heat theam dreams bout GM!
  2. Re: GM expanding to other games

    Multigaming clans have problems, just to say ;)
    remember ONE THING: We *can* expand to games, let's say, CSS for example. But we *MUSTN'T* use our full power and skill in there.
    We are primary a TF2 Clan, no matter what happens, think of that.
  3. Re: GM expanding to other games

    If you mean MTA as in MTA:SA DM then yes, I am currently porting my SA:MP stunts+gangwars script to MTA:SA DM. I have also got a MTA:SA DM server set up on the dedi so it's ready for when I finish writing my script. :)
  4. Re: GM expanding to other games

    Coool Dark :D, i played alot MTA-Race and SA-MP, but since the All-Seeying-Eye died you cant browse servers anymore at the momment.
    The MTA:DM is gonna be loots of fun:D

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