GM server admin powers

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 1 Dec 2008.

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  1. GM server admin powers

    I've updated the admin permissions and now all GM TF2 server admins have, as the minimum, the following priviledges.


    generic b Generic admin; required for admins.
    kick c Kick other players.
    ban d Ban other players.
    unban e Remove bans.
    slay f Slay/harm other players.
    chat j Special chat privileges.
    vote k Start or create votes.

    The following all have some form of RCON access so they can change server variables, execute configs, etc if required:

    Everything is logged, well mostly, so don't abuse commands.
  2. Re: GM server admin powers

    Admin abuse by ANYONE will result in undesirable penalties :o

    Please use these new powers wisely and responsibly . Remember you have been given a privilege, not a right. Leaders and Deputies are available to all players, if you wish to report admin abuse.

    PS Any ban must be reported on forum with the reason for ban.

  3. Re: GM server admin powers

    Actually disco, it's best to NOT report on forums.

    Imho it's best to PM any of the leaders/deputy leaders/founders with the reason to keep it away from unnecessarily hate between GM members.
  4. Re: GM server admin powers

    That exactly what he said - if you see any admin abusing their powers then tell a leader/deputy, don't post it for all to see, but any use of the banhammer on people in games should be shared with all the admins via the admin forum so that everyone can be aware of potential troublemakers.
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