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  1. Introduction
    Since I first started playing TF2 in general, I have always been fascinated by the wide variety of mini-games and unique plugins on the thousands of community servers. These are easily accessible by and random player, and therefore could be a new players first look at the game, or for more experienced players, to take a break from 'Casual' play for example. From my experience, communities that make their players feel good, during the games and after, tend to end up getting bigger and bigger, bit by bit. This is why I believe that we should start introducing server events, on a regular basis.

    Whats the point?

    I'm just going to get straight to the point. Like I said before, server events not only encourage more people to click join on their server list, but also keep them coming back. This could be because they want have a chance at winning some 'free' items*, but maybe because they want a change from the same old same old. These events could encourage people to join the Forums, the Discord and maybe even the Mumble. Most of the event ideas I have come up with are relatively easy to set up so if people don't like them, they can be easily reversed.

    Event ideas for each server

    Orange x3 #7

    1. 'Easter' egg hunt
    An admin (or multiple), will resize themselves to a very small size, (about the size of a small egg), and then he will teleport everyone into one of the spawn rooms, and then hide. The first person to find him wins a prize. This may sound a lot like Prop Hunt, but there is a big difference as in this Easter egg hunt, each searcher is given different effects, controlled by the egg, to help the egg survive for as long as possible. These effects could be blindness or slowness for example.

    2. Dwarfism gone wrong
    An admin announces this event, and gives all participating players 60 seconds to go to their load-out of choice (No sticky or rocket jumper). Then, an admin will resize all players, to a smaller version of their mercenary of choice. Also, the admin can put the 'beacon' effect on all small players, to make them easier to find. When the smaller players are killed, they are resized to their original size, and have to eliminate all of the remaining small people. This ends when 1 dwarf is left alive, or all the dwarfs from one team are killed.

    3. Star Wars
    An admin will lower the gravity, so it is like everyone if floating around in space. The admin can also chose a certain class / load out, to make it fair and fun. There is not much else I can say about this one, as it is fairly simple.

    Vanilla maps (2fort, Dustbowl etc)

    1. MATRIX aka SlowMo
    For this event, admins could slow down the time scale, using the command host_timescale (value). This could mean time is sped up or slowed down. This could be paired with low gravity, or any other mini game, as it can often create an intense atmosphere, as you glide though the air, preparing to slice the head of your enemy in beautiful slow motion... anyways, This would be fairly easy to set up I believe.

    2. Reverse Maps
    This is fairly self explanatory, I remember seeing a video where the map is reversed ( An admin could just add this to the rotation, and announce that after the current game, it would start. Playing like this messes up your mind a lot, as what you are used to seeing is opposite to what you are actually seeing.

    3. Boss fight
    An admin will give a selected player l very large amount of HP. This could be varied, depending on how long the admin would like the event to go on for. The boss is allowed to fight back, and therefore kill his/her attackers. The goal could be to survive for as long as possible, or it could be to get as many kills as possible. The boss could also be re-sized, to fit certain needs.

    Prophunt Ranked

    1. Re-sized Props
    An admin could resize the props, either larger or bigger. This could make them easier to find but also harder in some occasions. This could also lead to funny screenshots of the hiding attempts.

    2. Slender
    Admins would toggle a blind/darkness effect on the hunters, and the props would be frozen once they have their hiding place, to prevent them from just running away all of the time. If the catchers were really struggling, an early beacon effect could be added. This would create a slender vibe, as for it hunters, it would seem like it is night time. This effect could also be put onto the hiders, and allowing them to run around. This could lead to some hiders running right into the hunters.

    3. Clone army
    All of the props would become to same/very similar props. This could either go very well or very badly, as once one person has been found out, the hunters will have a good feeling on the props of others. An admin could cycle this, for example every 30 seconds, every changes their prop, or have the choice between a few different props.

    Balloon race

    1. Low gravity
    Fairly self explanatory, everyone becomes space pirates, leading to intense mid air battles. This could be done using the sm_gravity command.

    In terms of timescale, these events could be daily, or could be scheduled on the 'Events' section of the forums. People could be encouraged to use the discord, to make it easier for the admins to explain the rules of the events. Therefore bring people to the discord and the forums.

    I believe that if this is done effectively, it will bring life slowly back to the forums, and grow the discord more. I have some more ideas, but I just wanted to see how you liked these ones, and if any improvements need to be made to them. Over time we should be able to produce fun mini-mini-games, and therefore improve the overall experience for whoever joins GM servers. I would be perfectly happy to help provide prizes for winners, for example hats and metal. I would be happy to run these events, as its would be a really fun thing to do.

    Thanks for reading my post :buddy:
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  2. Selvar Uhu

    Seen and played already second point from orange events list.

    Well, when it comes to ph events, it's kinda hard to find anything that people will like, as they really react bad to any changes like darkness or freeze.

    1.Props that have diffrent size will look much diffrent making them a lot easier to find, even if it would be half size. Making them bigger will make them unable to cross most of doors, so they won't be able to even hide. Not mentioning that they will be visible from second edge of map and killed in first seconds.

    2.I'd just love to see this in devils canyon :V normally about half of people jump down and die, with this about all of them would. Total blind would actually make everyone leave, so that's not an option. On bigger maps after putting high darkness people wouldn't find a thing, and putting a beacon would make it obvious where people are. Maybe with timing beacon for some last 20-30 seconds could do the trick, but I'm still not sure about if it's good idea.

    3.Umm, well, I think that admins can't change other people props, so well, umm, well, umm, not really possible.

    Anyway, it's nice to see someone have any suggestions, I'll think of second point from ph.
  3. Thanks for the response, i will got back to the drawing board on some of the ideas, as i agree with your point about the PH problems. :)
  4. How long do you propose each event lasts?
  5. Each event would usually last around 10-15 mins, but can be made shorter or longer, by changing certain variables. These could be changing the difficulty factor of the events, or time allowed to complete a certain task.
  6. I think to make this work we'd need separate servers or some form of voting, to decide whether players actually want to participate in the current event or not
  7. yeah i was thinking about that. Maybe we can set up clones of the servers for short periods of time, or just update the map, adding a new area of the map to do the challenges
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  9. i'll be honest i stole the 2nd orange one from Jack hehehehhehe
  10. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    Mario games map (cant remember actual name of the plugin)
    Edit: warioware iirc


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