**** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

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  1. **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Initial comments

    OK guys here is another of our "weekly reviews" to see where we can improve as a team and as individuals! This week saw a lot of drama on behalf of the servers, and it took nearly an hour to get everything together, but in the end it was another epic match!

    1 - Comms

    Again I'm going to mention comms -- not quite as good as last time, but then again we were tired! Here are a few "comms basics" to quickly refresh yourself:

    • Don't spam the mic! This isn't a serious problem at the moment, and I know we were tired, but we need to keep that spam down!![/*:m:fxc91c6q]
    • Medic gets 100% priority on the mic. He is the core of the team and the one calling most of the shots (pull back/ push) -- so let him speak![/*:m:fxc91c6q]
    • If you see that a member of the other team is low on health; call it! If you die then don't let it be in vein; tell us if they are low -- this allows us to easily pick them off![/*:m:fxc91c6q]
    • When telling the team about the positions the enemy is in, note first the class, the support and finally the location. Call for quiet if need be![/*:m:fxc91c6q]

    So there's a few basics to review: I'm tired as it stands and I may have left something obvious out, but for the time being concentrate on those things!

    2 - Protecting/ attacking the medic!

    Again we stuck with the medic (for the most part!) but what we need to remember is that there may be points when the medic is alone. If you are playing as the medic and healing a member of your team that is about to die, where you can no longer do anything for them, fall back. This is a bit of a last resort, but keeping you and the uber alive is what will allow us to win!

    When protecting the medic, make sure to check behind as well as in front of you -- spies are rampant on some of these maps and checking for the scouts is another thing to think of! I was a bit of an offender with this one, and against those scouts I was pathetic! But let's save that for the individual reviews!

    When attacking the enemy medic, don't just jump in head first -- look for an opening behind them and see if you can ever catch them alone; because if you can BOOM! They've just lost the most vital part of their team!

    3 - We won!

    Once more we are victorious! The maps were:

    - CAP Choice: Badlands - 5-3 in our favour!
    - GM Choice: Fastlane - 3-3

    4 - Individual reviews

    Ok here is your review - some of you I saw more than others so I can't say a lot about you all!:

    - Apex/ Scout: Brilliant back capping! Called out when medic was down and comms were excellent! NEXT time: Keep looking for that medic -- try to get behind them into their blind spot: scouts do a lot of damage from behind and close up, so if you manage to sneak behind them - get him! >:D

    - Beau/ Sniper: Once more: fantastic sniper skills! - Provided us with info on the enemy location and took down plenty! NEXT time: Start practising heavier classes -- if we look like we are going to loose it then we need to go as a pyro or a heavy to protect the point a little more actively!

    - Ben: First time as a solly so we didn't expect phenomenal results, but you did come third in one of the maps so well done! NEXT time: Practice those rocket jumps and get the medic to buff you so that you can get to the point faster!

    - Disco/ Medic: Called his location and kept us alive! NEXT time:Use the needle gun to take down scouts! Also: call out how far you are with uber at 25, 50, 75 and 100% levels so that we know how far away we are from the next push!

    - Savage/ Demo: NEXT time:AIM AIM AIM! My aim was horrible in this match -- I fear that Dustbowl spam sessions have reduced my accuracy horribly! I also need to call for medic, damage myself more to buff up the uber before the match and sticky jump at the start of the map a lot more! (My personal three aims for the next week!)

    - Vacoy/ Solly/ Scout: General support was good and comms were always clear - excellent!NEXT time: Improve those scout skills: aim needs to be better and so do back attacks!

    5 - Man of the match!

    Apex, our resident scout, gets this weeks man of the match award! He back capped like there was no tomorrow and really supported the team with everything that he did! Locations for enemies, locations for sentries and general comms were very impressive! Both myself and Disco commented on how well you did -- keep up the good work buddy!!

    6 - Final comments

    We were so evenly matched as teams guys that it was epic! I think that if we improve on a few things mentioned above we could easily crush that team next time! Come on guys! LET'S DOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIITTTTT!!!!


    P.S - People from spec if you could give us feedback that would be fantastic! Don't be afraid to speak your mind as this is a learning process and I know that we could all do with some constructive criticism! (I personally think I did horribly in that match compared with what I know I can do, but less time in dustbowl and more time on #4/ #5 will help me with that I think!)

    P.P.S - Can you all post more comments in the topic that Ben posted about the new team? Thanks!! viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2337
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  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    I'll do this 2morrow since I'm bloody tired.
    1 AM and school 2morrow at 7 :S

    P.S. I'll do a little bit right now.
    I DID GOOD AS SCOUT! seeing I suck badly, VERY BAD!
    However, I'm going to play more pugs as scout, and maybe I'll replace my soldier for scout :)
  3. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    I'll post in full tomorrow as well, I think I speak for the team in saying thanks CAP for giving us a run for our money, we all had a great time playing against your guys :)
  4. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    first off I know i'm not perfect as solly but hey i gave some good shots in the end and it took some time but seeing as its the first time playing solly like that shows me where i need to work on. more pugs less db and all shud be fine replacing heavy class for solly so shud see an improvement soon :) thanks for the comments tho guys nice to know where i went wrong!
  5. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Yeah i did back-cap a fair few times and win the game but i think i need to improve my aim but that was my best performance so far as scout.
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Here's your demo:clicky.

    Apparently, badlands didn't record, and the fastlane one is oversized because the recording didn't stop when the server emptied.
  7. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    hmm, nice that you won, gotta check that file.
  8. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Gratz on the victory guys! :)

    Would you mind if I share this demo with my team for learning purposes?
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    I'd say that should be fine, dazed :)

    I stuck with sniper mostly because towards the end I didn't trust myself to play anything else..quite a shocking performance on fastlane but I think the defence worked quite well. Again we were working together but I think we all got tired later on.

    I changed to pyro at one point I think but that didn't last very long :P
  10. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Demo no worky 0.o
  11. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    @ Benito and Apex : I think your aim would be a lot better with lower mouse sensitivity.
    From what I could tell by spectating they were insanely high.
    For a next match, I'd be up for spectating while listening in vent, to see how your comms are.
    Another thing I noticed is that you run the sniper too much. If your sniper isn't as good as Jh (every single shot is a headshot, within half a second) , you can only use him in certain situations.
    Beau was defending middle for a long time while the rest of the team was trying to defend second/ cap last. It would have been more useful to have a second soldier at that point.
    From speccing Savage shortly, all I noticed is you aim the stickies at the opponents, rather than where the opponents will be when you detonate.
    Also seen you standing on your own sticky trap sometimes ^^.

    Anyway, can't think of any more right now, if you're interested in having me spec again just let me know if you're going to play :)
  12. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    The mouse sensitivity is a really important point: I dropped mine by half about 3 months ago and suddenly I could play scout and both aim AND run in straight lines if I wanted to. When I play sniper I drop it by half again, so play around with sensitivity settings and you should notice a difference soon, also remember to set your cl_interp to like, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001.

    +1 to what Ana said about the sniper, also remember that if you swap a soldier for a sniper your medic's protection is considerably reduced and if you swap a scout you're going to have trouble capping some points - you need to alter your gameplay along with your classes. E.g. we are starting to use a sniper when attacking the last point of granary, but not before.
  13. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    thanks ana and piss will do that mouse sensitivity in game was on 20 for some reason shud b ok now
  14. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Great comments so far guys -- keep 'em coming! I'm becoming even more optimistic now that this feedback is coming though -- listening to what people have to say (especially those who have been playing these sorts of games longer than we have) will give us the benefit of their experience and allow us to understand the game even more so than we do now!

    Still, well done guys! Lets take these comments and put them to full use! :)

  15. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    What mouse sensitivity do you recommend than? Cuz I use 13/15 most of the times...
  16. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    It's hard to tell what mouse sensitivity to use if you don't know your mouse's dpi, it doesn't affect me since i can change my dpi ingame (4 settings) and also change what the 4 settings are set to using a program that came with the mouse.
  17. Th-

    Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Nice feedback Savage

    For those who wish to perfect their stickyjumping, play the map . After completing this you should have a fairly good grasp of timing and aircontrol
  18. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    And the soldiers should train on rj_rocketeer.

    Please do play the regular one though and stay away from rj_rocketeer_adv until you know what you're doing. Unless you feel like needlessly frustrating yourself so much that you don't even want to rocket jump anymore :P

    About the mouse sensitivity, I think 13 is way too high. I personally have it at 3-ish but at max DPI (which I believe is 1600 on my mouse, not sure though and too lazy to check :P). I think on most mice a 5-6 sensitivity should be fine.
  19. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    So many things affect your sensitivity. DPI of your mouse, mouse driver settings, ingame.
    personally I use 2000DPI with mouse sensitivity maxed and 1.56 ingame.
    Basically I can do a 180 with a simple hand movement, my wrist never changes place.
    Two things you need to watch, make sure mouse acceleration is OFF, and make sure you don't have a floating elbow, make sure it's resting on something.
  20. Re: **** GM'? VS CAP FEEDBACK! ****

    Amen to that... Adv is mental.

    Having posted earlier and chatted with KJ i've reduced mine even further and now have 4.1 in-game and am TRYING to get used to this on my mid-DPI setting. Is there any benefit from further reducing the in-game setting while increasing the mouse's DPI?

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