GM vs FM (title edited 22/01/2010 due to Google Sitemap issue)

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  1. GM vs FM (title edited 22/01/2010 due to Google Sitemap issue)

    GM vs {FM} Sunday 28 September @ 7PM UK Time (6pm GMT) (8pm Central European Time)

    6v6, no crits, all updates, 1 ML, 2 CL

    Maps: cp_dustbowl, cp_fastlane (<3)

    {FM}'s server: connect; password viponly


    Post if you want to play.

    1. Darkimmortal (Scout/Sniper)[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    2. McPeanut (Scout/Sniper/Demo)[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    3. GeneSIS (Scout/Soldier)[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    4. Vacoy (Soldier/Heavy/Demo/Medic)[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    5. Waebi (Medic)[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    6. [/*:m:927xxh5x]

    1. FastJohn (Soldier/Medic[/*:m:927xxh5x]
    2. [/*:m:927xxh5x]

  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: GM vs {FM}

    Oh no why are all the good matches coming when I left :(
  3. Bun

    Re: GM vs {FM}

  4. Re: GM vs {FM}

    Can't make it sorry, gotta pack my shizzle and stuff.

    'cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane ;)
  5. Re: GM vs {FM}

    The F team has an etf2l match at exatly the same time and server...
    either you or us has to find another server then. We won't play on our enemies server since we all have a ping above 100ms.

    We should really have something where every team (or for trainingsessions) can reserve time on the server. Some kind of calender.
  6. Re: GM vs {FM}

    OK I got the match moved to their server (details in first post) and I'll install a calendar mod for PhpBB3 sometime soon to stop this from happening again (I'm not looking forward to retheming it though... :()
  7. Re: GM vs {FM}

    I can play if you want as scout/sniper/demo
  8. Re: GM vs {FM}

    i can play scout or soli
  9. Re: GM vs {FM}

    I'm sure I can make it? but reserved me for now.

  10. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: GM vs {FM}

    Count me in, solder/heavy/demo/medic
  11. Re: GM vs {FM}

    Thanks Darki,
    bow before you
  12. Re: GM vs {FM}

    will play medic then, since you got none yet.
  13. Re: GM vs {FM}

    Could we use the Kritzkrieg or is it part of no crits?

    As I was told on the one match b4, that I ain't allowed to use the Kritzkrieg?
  14. Re: GM vs {FM}

    no crits means the random ones are disabled. i'll use the KK for sure.
  15. eoN

    Re: GM vs {FM}

    Ask them some competitions dont allow it from what ive seen but i think most do now.
  16. Re: GM vs {FM}

    screenshot from GeneSIS


    well played, had fun there.
  17. Re: GM vs {FM}

    we win fastlane 3-0 and then they have to leave and we win dustbowl 1-0 they capped 3 points in 8mins and we capped 3points in 7mins
  18. Re: GM vs {FM}

    Added to match database (see first post/matches page)

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