GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

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    GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    First the results:

    Badlands: GFL Won
    Gravelpit: GFL Won
    Dustbowl: GM Won

    If you're inclined to flame please exercise some self-restraint; but do as I say, and not as I do.

    I had it all set out. Eight players, four subs. Classes sorted, talked to everyone, they knew the time, the date, the place and what they were doing. As it happened, understandably the two recruits we asked couldn't make it, but also half the team dropped out in an untimely fashion. Thereafter every substitute either turned us down or failed to turn up completely. I can't blame them for that; ideally nobody should ever need a substitute but it's just all conspired against us today.

    That's my excuse, feeble as it is, and I'm not going to make any more. It was a great game, and GFL turned up on time, with all players which is much more than can be said for a lot of matches I've seen. Unfortunately we kept them waiting for 20 minutes, but when we got started I think we all had a good time. Well played GFL, and gg. That's what matters.
  2. Bun

    Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

  3. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    We won dbowl technically since we got the points faster, but no matter... i just really wish the rest of E showed up so it wasn't as disorganized
  4. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    Shoulda recorded demos, sry... was playing cards with my grandparents, lost twice :P
  5. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    I perhaps didnt help not knowing the difference between A & B (no doubt the piss taking will be forever more!!!)

    Good Games tho, i still say we need to have regular 6v6 with GM members to work on tactics & discuss, think it would be a good idea

    anyways, short notice for me from Vacoy but enjoyed every minute of it

  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    Thank you so much for that bun thanks. They agreed with us we won on time -_-'
  7. Bun

    Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    Oh rite.

    We still lost. xD
  8. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    doh sorry about that...

    <--- worst sub ever =(

    well atleast u guys had fun, if u didnt win DB... =O lols. serious note tho, thinking of a rematch sometime? wud of loved to of played

    ahah... dw man, in the same boat as u lol. still do it xD. live n learn ^^
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    When i read this, there come 2 points to my head:

    • GM'E members (not all, but some) have to take their team more serious! How serious the players are, can only be found out by arranging matches and see who will show up. After a few matches you should know, who is serious and who isn't. [/*:m:1d9vzdr9]
    • GM'E members and some of those who subbed are PUBlic Dustbowl/Goldrush players with little experience on 6vs6 (8vs8 in this case) and little competitive map knowledge (You can know a map, but if you haven't played it in a competitive fashion you don't have the needed map knowledge for competitive gameplay)[/*:m:1d9vzdr9]
  10. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    Yeye about right. So now we got some thinking to do :P

    Subs don't beat yourselves up about it lol it's ofc just volunteers so I shouldn't need to rely on you :)

    Also I would like to clarify...we did not lose dustbowl >.<
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    As everybody knew chris and me were in Dortmund Germany vs. Russia. btw Germany won 2:1.

    But I am disappointed some people who signed up didn´t come.

    We will have to talk about it and have to sort out the people who don´t take it serious, altough E is more fun than F and Z.
  12. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    It was fun with tonka tho!

    >man I need a dispenser on B! Where are you!
    <I am on B mate!
    >No you aren't I'm on it and nothings here!
    <Look I have my sentry here!
    >uh, no!
  13. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    We were prepared and organise it just the sub team didn't show up, right.

    Even though I was the last sub, but I did tell you that I might not be here. :|
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    Like i say, i reckon a weekly practice session would be beneficial to everyone, it would be an ideal opportunity to discuss tactics, and play 6v6 with GM Members.

    plus ive started learning my ABC for future games :o
  15. Re: GM'E (ha!) vs. GFL

    Thanks for the demo links - I would host them on the dedi's file server but, you know... :(

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