GM'Eish Vs. GM-Z

Discussion in 'Events' started by BeauChaotica, 24 Sep 2008.

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  1. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    GM'Eish Vs. GM-Z

    Well I don't know the score, but I do know we didn't win a single round. I'd like to say it was a good game, and it takes a lot to make me definitively NOT enjoy one, but this time I have to say it was awful. Z are extremely good players, and I wish them the best of luck if they're entering any leagues but I would like to stress how disgusted I am at their attitude.

    I'll speak for myself but I'm sure some would agree that next to Z, E isn't up to much, regardless of the fact that only 3 of us are actually in E. However, I don't think skill is all that makes a team. I don't think winning everything and being cocky about it makes you good players. Didn't we all get this game to have fun? Don't you just want to sit down and have a good time with some friends? If you play it to win, I personally think you're looking at it the wrong way.

    Comments like this:

    really make me wonder whether I'm doing the right thing being here. Recent events have doubtless culminated in a lot of ill-feeling, but I don't think there's any excuse for this un-sporting attitude and just general rudeness. KJ you challenged us to a game, and we accepted. Despite the absence of a team, we put a lot of effort in to getting one together, and we got owned fair and square. What I will not tolerate is joining the match only to be derided and insulted by the opposition. Ok so we're playing against each other, but we're in the same clan! In my opinion it is this kind of attitude is what has caused all the trouble recently.

    So a bit of banter is understandable, but what I will not tolerate is direct attacks on a community member, namely Alex Morrow. I know how some of you feel about this, but despite what you might think I do not believe it is acceptable to laugh and joke as soon as he joins the server. He is a community member and we, as a clan have a duty to make them feel welcome and to give them the best experience they can, notwithstanding that he is, as far as I know, only 14 years old. Fortunately I think he missed Z's comments, but frankly I am appalled by the whole display.
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    I agree with Beau, and in-game I did say "wp Z" :)
    Aaaaand: cue the sarcastic responses... GO!
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    If you knew what Alex did to Core and I, you would have a completely different opinion of him.

    Of course, that still doesn't make up for making him feel unwelcome.
  4. eoN

    Re: GM'Eish Vs. GM-Z

    Im not making excuses for any of them because they are in the wrong but F and Z from what ive seen have a kinda love hate ish relationship with F slagging them and Z slagging F etc and I think they where only joking about, not that they will be humble enough to admit this but i think they just ment it in a joking way.

    The match was okay but seriously... fastlane sucks ass.
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    -Snipped some of the bullshit-

    for the good of GM
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    Too much drama for GM at the moment, other issues need to be resolved at the core.
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