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    The GM'F team is, as of now, no longer a part of GM - we feel that having 5 out of 8 members not actually in the clan means that we should take the obvious step and simply call it a day. However this is not the end of the team, and we will continue to play together in the next season of ETF2L and the Wireplay 6 v 6 league in the coming new year. This is not a mass-quit from GM and I, along with a few others, will remain in GM because we enjoy both the community and the friendship that we find here.

    A few thanks are in order:

    To Myke - for starting the team and for leading us through our first season, without him we may never have played, or enjoyed, the game as we do now.
    To Core and Darkie - for supporting us along the way and giving us the use of a match server.
    To all the (ex) members of We|Are - for giving us something to aim for and for encouraging us along the way.
    To the entire GM community - for being awesome, entertaining, supportive and so much fun to be around.

    and finally

    To the Falcons squad - for being such a great bunch of lads and for sticking together through all the drama, I know you're looking forward to the next season as much as I am :)

    Thanks for reading,

    [GM] Pissmidget.
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    aww sad to hear =/ good luck to you in the next season

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