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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod' started by Squallkitty, 16 Jan 2014.

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    to be honest, it was a fairly long time ago, i don't remember much of this only that not much time was actually spent on fishing
  3. Sounds like Gmod
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    I was never a fan of the gamemode, so I wouldn't have the motivation to create a server on it. DarkRP followed by PropHunt will take priority, but that will likely be in the summer due to large time constraints. As a further point, those files are from nearly 6 years ago and definitely wouldn't be compatible. There also doesn't appear to be a recent open release of an updated version. Overall, I can say with absolute confidence that we won't be hosting a Go Fish server.
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    Used to play it a lot on a server I admin'd for a short amount of time before the guy couldn't afford to run it anymore. Was fun at times but got old very quickly, there's only so much you can do with it.

    EDIT: And hosting an entire server dedicated to it would be a huge waste of time, it's only purpose really is just a plugin to switch to every now and again when there's a small amount of friends on a server.

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