Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by React, 17 Aug 2008.

  1. Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    Gary's Mod is a brilliant game, I would have to choice between RP and Sand, I'm sorry I can't decide further.
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?


    Me, beau and some other Gaming masters have been going on my locally hosted server for the past few evenings and having a shedload of fun.

    A good set of addons and a good map will give you loads of players, for the last 3 nights we've been running gm_botmap_v2 with wiremod (svn) wiremod addon pack(svn) PHX (svn) and a few more.
  3. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    Well I can't vote for the top 2, so I won't...I think we should split it to 2 32 player servers; 1 RP, 1 sandbox, but NO ZOMBIE SURVIVAL! ARRGHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO! It just becomes a mess and more importantly I'm awful at it. ZPS is enough :D
  4. Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    Well, whichever GMOD game type will fill the most slots will be good.
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    RP is good for attracting back frequenters, it doesn't really get many new players, i find that once a construct server has more than 5~ people on it more people will try to join.

    and once the server is full it will normally stay full.

    The sandbox server you had running the other day. put bluntly, sucked. It used two bad maps (GM_flatgrass, gm_new_worlds [Not a bad map, it just requires the spacebuild2 game-mode to be fun/functional]. The reason I find FG bad is because it gives the player little to do with the map itself...

    Compare these two feature lists:

    Flatgrass 2008:
    It's huge, made it as big as Source can handle it.
    Large flat grassy space. (15000 square units approx)
    Loads of water. (surrounds the landmass, 8000 units wide)
    Contains 49 info_player_spawns.
    Enourmous skybox (10240 units tall)
    Spawnicon for the map.
        * Center ramp falls down if an object is placed on
        * Storage area for vehicles, toggle button to release them
    Barriers at track edges to stop trains falling off
        * Pop up if someone switches the track
    Boat build area with water area
        * Dry/Wet dock, moving platform to launch boats using a toggle button. Easier to build on water.
        * Contains RT Screens.
        * Space to build two boats at a time in the dry dock.
        * Large water area.
        * Has a ramp into the water from the train track, and a ramp that faces upwards for stunts
    Custom maze room
        * Press use to make wall blocks pop up.
        * Large area, allowing complex mazes to be built.
    Easy track switching
        * Put a Wire User on the train and drive over the button while activating the user to switch tracks.
        * Can stay in train while track switching.
    Four Private build rooms
        * Doesn't allow people to access the rooms using noclip (Sends them to a Jail Room).
        * Doors lockable and unlockable from inside, so you can build in peace.
        * Each room is separate from the map, meaning if someone is building something complex outside you won't see a performance drop.
        * Next to train track network.
        * Four separate rooms available.
    Games room
        * Two Bowling Alleys.
        * Basket ball court.
    Hill room
        * Massive size.
        * Small and large hills for all sorts of suspension.
    Lift building
        * Has space for two lifts to be built at once.
        * Ramps on the inside of the building so you can walk to all floors.
        * Floor numbers
        * Space for Wire Screens (E.g. To show floor that the lift is on).
    Lift from underground to overground
        * Easy transition for trains (Especially if you have keep upright).
        * Can be used for other vehicles.
    Maps of the map
        * Shows an overview of the map at important areas.
        * Arrows on the map pinpoint where you are.
    Massive train track network linking to all areas of the map
        * Two separate tracks heading to EVERY section of the map.
        * Compatible with PHX, although custom sliders are also available for extra stability.
    Minge Jail
        * For people who try to noclip into the private build rooms.
        * Impossible to get out of unless you kill yourself.
    Ramp area
        * Four ramps pointing in different directions for stunts etc.
        * Open space in center, for extra building if needed.
    RT screens in main areas of the map
        * Shows videos from RT Cameras in important areas of the map.
        * If you have no Prop Protection, make sure physgun_limited is set to 1 in console.
    Small hill area on the overground section of the map
        * Smaller area than Large underground hill area.
        * Smaller hills.
        * For basic suspension testing.
    Stations at the main areas of the map
        * Colour coded for automatic trains.
        * Links main parts of the map together using the train network.
    Teleporters to important areas of the map
        * Teleporters at Spawn, to different key areas of the map.
        * All teleporters outside of Spawn link back to spawn.
        * Teleporters all labeled, and if you press 'use' on the Overview Map at spawn it shows you the nearest teleporter.
    Train aligner
        * Allows you to easily place trains on the track.
        * Works for almost all trains, although it is specifically designed for long trains, which are hard to get back on track.
        * The further back on the train aligner you go, the easier it is to put the train on the track.
    Train build room
        * Contains custom Sliders (Two types) for trains (More stable than wheels, allows more speed). Also make sure that the sliders are super iced in the physical properties.
        * Four small track areas to build trains.
        * One main track section to build on the bottom of the trains and send trains out to the network.
    Train Station Signs
        * Shows station letter (A, B, C, D, E or F).
        * Shows GPS coordinates, for advanced trains.
        * Colour coded for basic trains.
        * Shows what areas are close to the station.
    Tutorial room with projector
        * Custom whiteboard gets projected onto a screen for tutorials.
        * RT Screen can be changed to display other things.
    Two Dedicated build rooms
        * Large space, for general building, not lockable.
        * Two separate areas to spread the amount of people in each area.
    Two Race tracks
        * Underground track: Simple circular track, with pop up obstacles and suspension test.
        * Overground track: Complex track for testing bots or custom vehicles.
    Two turntables
        * One over ground, one underground.
        * Easy to turn trains around.
    Vast open space
        * For large outdoor projects.
        * Very Large space for building.
        * Can be used as a storage facility.
        * Objects can be passed through the Warehouse to the track next to it.
    My server provided more to do, your's was just another FG server....

    But anyway it's not my choice in the end what gametype/map you choose is up to the leaders/you.
  6. Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    Botmap is a really cool map, I played it on geit's server today. It's very large and you can do a lot of things on it, for example building trains, playing basketball or drive races. :-)
  7. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    I had a spacebuild server, and it was full in like 5 seconds, (20 players)
    that will work awesome. but only if you have sb working properly....
  8. Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?


    botmap pls, this is so fucking funny...
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Gmod server: RP, sandbox or Zombie survival?

    no, I meant 3 minutes.

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