Goldrush bug

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Anathema, 3 Aug 2008.

  1. Goldrush bug

    Well, just something i just discovered ^^
    Will add demo when ive watched it.
    EDIT: Demo of only one minute and a half, shows how to get there and the exploiting possibilities of this spot.
    Have fun :)

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  2. Re: Goldrush bug

    dont show that to the public mate :D
    (moved here)
  3. Re: Goldrush bug

    hah i was just thinking the same thing after i posted :D
  4. Re: Goldrush bug

    So Anathema, how did you get up there? :P

    gonna try later on anyway.
  5. Re: Goldrush bug

    I didn't see the demo attach.

    downloading now! :D
  6. Re: Goldrush bug

    Nice find, tried it and works.

    Usefull if you're a camping noob :lol:
  7. Re: Goldrush bug

    Only problem is when you run outta ammo :o
  8. Re: Goldrush bug

    Put dispens0r here? :lol:
  9. Re: Goldrush bug

    Its an old-ish demo, its not so hard to do, if we ever meet ingame ill show you.

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