Goldrush exploit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 16 May 2008.

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    Was that you core?

    I never knew these places can do these things, expect that one where you can place a sentry behind the fence.

    I know about that one, on the first video!
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    I'm still trying to find the one Bluepanther did in the practice clan war against TTT last night where he built an exit in the last stage of goldrush in the room behind the windows at spawn. It was "supposed" to take you to first cap he says but it just got us stuck. :?
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    yeah also this one.

  6. Bun

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    First one wasn't an exploit, more like strategy building. :|
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    I tried the second one but couldn't stand on the sentry have they blocked it?

    Also, on the last leg of goldrush, between the first and second cp, on the left (if your defending) There is a wire fence which you can build behind, see screenshot (the sentries - there were 2 - were demolished but you get the idea)

    I hope no one else has posted this because I would look a nob XD

    I have a demo file as well if any one wants it

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    I love the way valve have put a keep out sign on said exploit area! ^^

    Dont you think warping through the wooden beam to get up there is a bit "dodgy?" :D
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    Meh, demos and soldiers can get up there. It isn't really good to build up there tough, just snipe it down.
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    Pfft another video:


    p.s. core's two video's above made it to the HLDS update list lol
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    I wonder if you can put a teleport in there, and teleport yourself there :lol:

    I'll try this tomorrow on a empty server, cos don't want to up set the other players. ;)

    I bet I'll be stuck!! :lol:
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    some fucking stupid engi did that to me already... i wished i could kick him from the server... i didn't get outa there even with soldier and rocket jump... i had to disconnect from the server...
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    Myke just type "kill" in console (`) :-)
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    that would cause me one death... no way... i will never type that in the console...
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