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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Geit, 30 Nov 2009.

  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    Google Wave

    I've got 7 Invites to give out, and I know that Dark has 27, so, all you have to do is post or PM me your Email address. :)

    What is Google Wave:
  2. LienK Wat

    Yes, please :)

    lieenk is at the hot mail com (:O)
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Sent, Expect it in a couple of hours.
  4. LienK Wat

    Got it right away actually.

    Thanks :)
  5. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Google wave is nothing but an experimental way of social-communiting, "invite only" shall make it look some kind of "exclusive" ....... well, i dont trust Google in any kind, these bastards allready have more than enough of my Data i bet, thats why i will not be part of this.
  6. Gaw discord is my friend now

    1 min 30 sec in and my mind is already asploded..

    Since there seems to be no shortage of invites anyways, could you send me one please

    admin [at]
  7. Spykodemon Disabled account

    And what is wrong with Google having your data?
  8. google wave is pretty cool, but also pretty senseless atm!
  9. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Googleware, taking spyware to a whole new level.
  10. Google Wave does have potential but without a rewrite to use more native stuff and less single threaded, slow-as-fuck Javascript, this will always be a problem.
  11. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Awesome, google trying to take the shortcut again.
  12. Knud Phat beats only

    It looks too chaotic at the moment.
    Maybe in 1 year its okay. We'll see.
  13. I got 16 invites also, so dropkick me a pm if you'd like one!

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