Greetings all! (Introduction)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Demanufacturer, 4 Sep 2008.

  1. Greetings all! (Introduction)

    Since there's no introduction thread i'll just make a new post of it:

    Hello everybody, the (nick)name's Demanufacturer, i'm 21 y/o and i'm from The Hague, Holland.
    I've been glued to your GM servers for quite a while now, so i just though i'd register at your forums as well ^^
    I've also sort of met some of the regulars already and also have some of them in my friends list @ steam, so yeah ^^

    i hope to learn some more stuff about TF2 here and i hope to use that knowledge to aid (or anhiliate ;)) you guys on the battlefiled!

    |GM| Demanufacturer
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    yeah, you taste good with potatoes :D

    Netherlands |GM| Dema?ufacturer 22 8 2.7500

    btw welcome to the forum
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    thnx Benji! ^^

    oh and Garion, now i can show you that freezecamshot i made of you a few days ago in the screenshot gallery here :D
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    yeah, you do that! ;)
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    Hey man!

    Welcome on the forums.
  6. Re: Greetings all! (Introduction)

    thnx dude ^^
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    Welcome Demanu, good to see you on the forums :)
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    Hey Demanu,

    Welcome aboard, good to see another regular on the forums :)

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    thnx u guys :D

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