greetings my friends

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Myke, 18 May 2008.

  1. greetings my friends

    Hey there everyone.
    Now that i've read through all topics within the Private Clan Section, and the Wyborowa has almost left my veins, i feel capable of writing some serious words ;)

    Some of you may have already noticed; and for those who didn't: I'm one of your latest clan members, thanks to Nomad (who must be mad, for the very reason that he recommended me ;) ).

    I've started playing this game, a few weeks ago... (don't know exactly anymore), and ended up on your severs from the very beginning, since i am an england fan, and the servers had good pings and nice maps running. This was the time i was still wondering why the red squares at the bottom of the HUD get blue from time to time ^^. Since I'm a very impatient person, i always played Scout, and got pwned pretty much ;) I really loved this clan, (although their members always tried to kill me; naughty people, naughty people) so i thought what can i do to become a member of that clan (at this time i had a kpd of 0.5), and came up with some "clan structure" suggestions, and was really amazed how friendly the admins replied to a N00b like me. After this First Contact i decided to become a Community Member, and thought: If U ever wonna be member of that clan, you have to get a better kpd than 0.5, so I tried all classes and started to train myself. My goal was to get reasonable stats, so that i may dare to post a join request. Than at some point i thought, hmmm, well, let's have a try: if they don't take you may still be a community member, BUT the day i thought that, you moved to invite only. (can you feel my pain? ;) ). Luckily Nomad took away the pain from me by inviting me to the clan. =) happy end, so to speak ;)

    Their is still much room for improvement for my gaming skills, and thats why i'm so happy that i'm part of a clan now. I think one can teach himself a lot, but it comes the point, where it's better to have friends.

    Sorry if i bored you to death with this post ;) all i wonna say is: Hi everyone =) I'm looking forward to playing with all of you.

    And Thanks to Nomad!!! can't say that often enough.
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    Welcome to the clan!
    I've seen you post on the forums a lot, and if anything, I'm just surprised that it's taken all this time for you to join. Glad to have you around. :)
  3. Bun

    Re: greetings my friends

    Welcome Myke, hope you have fun and pwn some people. =)
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    Welcome, im still pretty new to the clan myself :)
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    Welcome man :D

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