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  1. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

    30-50 fps on my pc (And the computer is not that good). Once I had 20 fps because there were a bunch of people and around 50 bodies (npc) on the ground + a big ass giant on top of it.
  2. still struggling to summon the energy to level to 80...

    i kinda want to be a guardian...
  3. level 80 yay!

    i crafted the final levels, in WvW to get some kind of bonus, WvW commander was like "why the hell u crafting!?"
  4. Rifle Warrior:

    Better nerf Thief...
  5. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

  6. Which one do you think is better - WOW or GW2? I played WOW and now i'm looking for something new. A lot of people recommended me GW2, and i'm started to thinking about it. Do you think it's a good idea? Is it better or worst than WOW?
  7. As much as I hate to say it, WoW will always be the king in terms of gameplay and overall fun
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  8. If you like WoW you'll love Guild Wars 2, simple as that really, so If you were thinking about getting Guild Wars 2 just get it, there's no sub and it's like the same price as an 8hour xbox game with hundreds of hours more entertainment time. You'll not be disappointed.
  9. Except for the fact it's not playable at all without a heavily overclocked recent Intel CPU, and it's been this way since launch with no signs of ever being optimised

    Nice graphics would make up for the fps never rising above 30, but they really aren't. WoW's latest expansion is visually far better, and neither comes close to the likes of Tera, Age of Conan, etc.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    dark if you must know my pc SUCKS but i still run guildwars 2 quite smoothly :)

    and its better and worse in different ways i could explain these but that'll be a lengthy post which i will not do unless you beg
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  12. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Ignore him. He's crying because he can't run at 60fps and 30fps isn't good enough.
  13. Once you've got a 120hz monitor, 60fps is the new 30fps.

    Also for the vast majority of game engines, even 120fps isn't anywhere near enough for smooth gameplay
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  14. If a game doesn't run smooth at 60 fps, then I guess it's just bad quality overall.
    Anything above 60 FPS is pretty impossible to follow. When I play games I can't tell the difference between constant 60 FPS and 214.
  15. Either you've got the most perfect hardware configuration known to man or you dont know what to look for
  16. Thanks! And there are no Time Cards in GW2, am i right?
  17. Or maybe you have counter-strike 1.6 eyes.
    Those who played that game professionally are arguing that they can clearly see the difference between 1200 and 1300 fps Lol.
  18. at that kind of fps the only difference would be input lag (and it would be very miniscule), engine dependent

    no it's basically free once you buy the game itself
  19. not sure, there might be, but you don't really need one, you can just buy the game online or from a store. There's no subscription. You can buy in-game gems to buy extra stuff like character slots and more inventory space, but you can convert gold you earn into gems anyway.
  20. Pretty much everything (except Exp, Magic Find and Karma Boosts) you buy from the cash shop are cosmetic.
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  21. Sorry for asking so stupid questions. I want to buy Guild Wars 2 and at this store i saw digital deluxe and digital standard. What deluxe can give me and what standard? And which can you recommend?
  22. Just get standard imo

    Digital deluxe is the game + some consumable stuff which doesn't really enhance gameplay much + a mini pet (like a WoW pet) + a skill in the game, the skill summons a wolf to fight by your side, looks shiny but your class-skills are gonna be better anyway.

    You can 'upgrade to digital deluxe' after you buy standard anyway for 2000gems, not sure how much gold you'd need to convert if you wanted to do this by earning in-game gold, but either way still isn't really worth doing unless you are very very very bored =P

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