H.A.V.E Online anyone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fromage, 6 Jul 2009.

  1. Fromage "The Cheese"

  2. Re: H.A.V.E Online anyone?

    it was in the shoutbox last week.

    some were flaming it's a tf2 rip off.

    I said I like the way they pick up a uber ^^
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    And I said that depite it being an obvious TF2 ripoff, this one actually looks like it would be more fun than TF2. :3

    I'd love to get my hands on a demo or something when it gets released.
  4. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: H.A.V.E Online anyone?

    Just another generic game following TF2's layout.
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: H.A.V.E Online anyone?

    looks liek tf2 with anime-style girls, sounds like best game ever.
  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: H.A.V.E Online anyone?

  7. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: H.A.V.E Online anyone?

    hate rip-offs
  8. Spykodemon Disabled account

    I remember when Dark said he faps to this. :roll:
  9. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Total TF2 Rip-off only with Animes D:
    Damn you China XD
  10. Yes it's a total rip off to TF2. I forgot we had the options in TF2 to use 5+ weapons and how it's a third person and how you can fully customize your character.

    Insert roll eyes emote.gif here.

    Still waiting for the beta to finish and the public release. Stupid sk-imedia taking so long~
  11. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Don't forget how most weapons are similar
  12. Oh sorry. I forgot TF2 invented rocket launchers, miniguns, sniper rifles and all that jazz.
  13. Spykodemon Disabled account

  14. Just to quiet the "ZOMG RIP OFFZ!" people:


    Been hyped for it since it was announced. Gameplay made me want it even more~
  15. Spykodemon Disabled account


    Totally not someone with the bat pose and the bat with logo in the middle.


    Totally not the nade launcher


    Totally not red and blu

  16. What other fucking pose are you supposed to use to swing a bat?

    TF2 copied off real life. Damn Valve for copying shit!
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  17. It's probably inspired by TF2. They have created an entirely different game, from scratch, so nothing wrong with that.
  18. Spykodemon Disabled account

    No, you do not understand.

    They are using the same weapons that are used in TF2, When there are thousands of other weapons out there that could be used instead.
  19. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    it's still an obvious ripoff

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