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  1. Hey! Is there a problem with the GM servers? A hacker ruining the day? Well, call me, the GM Detective! I will record a demo, send it to my admin fam ben55, and we may get them banned! I've had experience with hackers, and got one banned by a very respected person in the entire GamingMasters universe, HellJack!
    Here's the format for all of your comments

    I suspect that (username) may be hacking in the (server name) server.

    Please join and record a demo of this.

    The IP is (server IP)
    _________________________________________________________________________________________If you're in the server and is too lazy to actually go on the forum, use dsock to contact me!

    Anyways, better be off staying in my natural habitat (Orange) Bye!

    -Torrin (epic sun on a stick)
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