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Discussion in 'Whitelist Applications' started by HairymanBreast, 22 Dec 2014.

  1. HairymanBreast honey roast peanut

    Mumble username: Hairy
    Starbound character name(s): Hairy & Chewy
    Steam profile name: HairymanBreast
    Steam profile link/id: (I think this is the link you're looking for.)
    Age: 19
    Timezone(GMT+/-_): GMT+0
    Have you been on our mumble server?: On there currently, nervous to move out of the lobby.
    List the [GM] servers you have been on previously?: I couldn't list them out, it's been a while since I've played any Gmod or TF2 related games! I've just been on the Public Starbound one primarily.
    Do you agree to abide by our regular terms and rules?: Indeed!
    Do you agree to abide by the rules specific to starbound?: Ofcourse!
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    Hey man.

    Well, we're going to send this into a Staff conversation.

    Hold tight, lad.
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  3. HairymanBreast honey roast peanut

  4. Cactus The key is to never give up

  5. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    honestly this is one of the first people that did an app that actually cared about the server

    good luck mate
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  6. HairymanBreast honey roast peanut

    Thankyou man
  7. Personally I think you should be able to get in, good luck fella
  8. HairymanBreast honey roast peanut

    Hope so, thanks!
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  10. :eng99:
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  12. get told bitch
  13. Hey Hairy - sorry for the late response - with Christmas and everything no one had chance to add the permissions. You will now be able to see in this section, so feel free to have a read/ look at the "password" section for the latest password.

  14. HairymanBreast honey roast peanut

    Appreciated! I may be inactive for the next week or so due to family but I shall be making the most of the server as soon as everything's back to normal!

    Thankyou very much :)
  15. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    i still can't :|
    even though i have the pass
  16. Sorted :)
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