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  1. Harassment

    I have encountered two individuals that are griefing and harassing me as an admin.
    They say I abuse my powers, which the logs can prove I have not. When I tell them to go report this issue on this forum the simply say something like "fuck you" and then continues to accuse and harasse. As soon as I warn or take action against a player that has been breaking rules they both start to accuse me of abusing my powers. Im finding it hard to keep order around these two.
    The two person Im talking about is zombie-Hunter and DAVZEE.
    I have warned and kicked both of these players in the past.

    When our lastest admin NakieoN joined the server he was chocked that i didint take action against these two individuals. He kicked zombe-hunter since he wouldent stop "griefing" or as I would like to say harassing. They are both using foul language and abused other players over and over again (not only me). I didint take action this time because I wanna prove my point.
    Im not abusing my powers. Im not kicking or baning people just for disliking me. I kick or ban to defend the rules only. Im simply keeping order which is a hard job. Just join one of the GM servers without a GM tag and Im sure you would c what Im talking about.

    I c a clear pattern in players that have been punished for breaking rules, and then accuse the admin for abuse just to get rid of him or her.
    I want this to end right now. Im so ****ing tierd of being accused of something which I didint do. zombie-hunter even accused me of harassing him!

    Either they report me with proof and a "solid case" or I want your support in taking action agains these two if they wont stop the false accusations.
  2. eoN

    Re: Harassment

    Sorry but what do you expect when admin is given out so easily... And whenever someone makes a complaint they get unbanned... We need a finalized rule set that says what you need to appeal and what you need to be admin etc also some simple rules would be nice... Like "No Ammo Hoarding, No Swearing Before 10pm," etc like on the TF2 servers...

    This sort of thing will keep happening until something is done about how easy it is to get admin.

    How can we trust our admins if we dont know them? (if someone makes a complaint should we believe them because we cant trust our admins?)

    If you dont trust that someone wont abuse admin why are they given admin in the first place? And how can you trust that they wont abuse admin if you dont know them.. etc etc...

    Why not just make it like TF2, only clan members can be admin... or maybe make a whole trusted community thing (with their own forum stuff etc) for ZP:S people who we trust enough to be in the clan but they dont play TF2, same with SA:MP maybe? (if we still have a server, i cant keep upto date with all the changes :P)

    Tbh GM either get your act together or stop recruiting admins for ZP:S full stop. Otherwise GM will COMPLETELY lose its reputation for being a kind, good clan with respectable admins...

    My point is getting admin on the GM ZP:S servers is a win win thing... its heaven for anyone who wants to abuse admin... all they need to do is post once. Its stupid... the worst that happens if they have it taken away... So whats there to lose? Why shouldn't they abuse their admin? To be honest its bull...

    If we had them as part of the clan (trusted community members (?)) then how do we trust them?
  3. Re: Harassment

    I agree with the fact that some are given admin to easily. Me myself waited almost two months for an answer... Still admin "powers" can be removed as easily as it was given right?
    I suggest u make a new thread about this issue so we can discuss it further.
    Right now I wanna talk about these two guys and nothing else.
  4. Re: Harassment

    Thx for your support. :)
    The thing is that I dont wanna give them more fuel on their fire. I will take action if I feel it is needed. I hope the leaders are aware of the situation, and I hope they support my descisions too.
  5. Re: Harassment

    hiya guys, not been very active on zp recently and just thought i would catch up a little in the forums! Just thought i would add my 2 cents here, because this has been a long running issue with admins on the zp server! admins on zp have always taken alot of shit from players, i even recall a hate campaign started against tom when he was made admin! unless the players turn up with solid evidence of abuse and misconduct, i suggest they be ignored! some people have nothing better to do than spit their dummy out when they are disciplined, its just a fact! moO is a good guy, and doesnt need to be judged on the rants of some trolls! gonna make an effort to be around more in the future....not easy with all the recent game releases of late tho ;)
  6. Re: Harassment

    Welcome back :D
    Thank you for the nice words and the support! I really hope 2 c u in game soon. Its been a while... :(
  7. Re: Harassment

    Well i thought id jus check out your site seeing as i quite enjoy playing on your servers and was completley supprised to find this post in here lmao....no im lieing, to be honest, im really not supprised at all, anyway it compelled me to register and post this comment so...

    moo, moo, moo.....*shakes head* in my honest opinion, hes not a very good admin at all. I wont sit here and lie....i did give him a piece of my mind once but no where near to the extent of what he describes as grief and harrasment LOL wow..... maybe i should have an infringement lawsuit taken against me or summin. moo takes things way too seriously and takes his admin WAAAAY to far, without a doubt EVERY single time im playing in your server and moo is there hes...i wont say abusing as this word seems upset and sprout unneccecary forum topics ...but exploiting and taking advantage of his admin to the fullest.

    I have nothing against this player but im finding it hard to respect such an admin who is constantly enforcing rules and regulations as if he is a white supremacist preaching from the bible. Without fail every time i connect to this server and moo is playing im hearing "so n so LEAVE NOW ur ping is above 100 YOU MUST GO" and that is a direct quote...i mean cmmon would it hurt to be a little more polite to players that may not have as good an internet connection? but thats far from all.....ive seen him kick for weapon & ammo hoarding a fair few times aswell....surely that doesnt deserve a kick, yes i can see why it may be frowned upon, hell i dont even like it when u get ppl doin that but i wouldnt kick someone for it :| i must admit tho...he does at least give warnings prior....A LOT of warnings...it seems as if i never cease to see that little grey admin warnin box thing on the left side of the screen while im playing. I dont understand why he must take his powers so far....i see a lot of other admins in the server and they are so much more laid back...i wouldnt even know they were admins unless they changed the map once in a while.... I know quite a few other players that have had the same thoughts as me towards this guy, yes "zombie-hunter" was one who undoubtdly got kicked for speaking his mind (what happened to freedom of speech aswel btw?) i was there on this occasion and in no way did he use abusive language he only stated that moo abused his admin rights and BAM...gone. (Also while were on the topic of abusive language...ehm when have i repeatidly abused other players LMAO did u pull that out ur arse aswel? i enjoy online games from time to time and never in my life have i "abused" another player thank you very much)

    Anyway by no means am i posting a "formal complaint" here which i was told to do by moo STRAIGHT AWAY! as i recall, i am just merely throwing in my side of the "story" as i really enjoy playing in GM servers and wish to continue doing so in the future.....despite a certain admin and his rantings. I advise another admin to connect to the server with a different name during a time when "moO" is playing to see for yourselves...he doesnt make it a very fun playing enviroment at all in my opinion. Maybe he will ease up a bit in the future....hopefully.

    I hope i have upset no one and i am genuinely sorry if i have, i do not wish to get banned from your server for....well for nothing to be perfectly honest lol :\ though again, i appolagize if i have offended anyone.

  8. eoN

    Re: Harassment

    Davzee, I'd advise avoiding comments like
    it makes it a little hard to take you seriously...

    Also, as an admin you can always be a nice guy... Ill go on the ZP:S servers sometime in the future and see if hes abusing and if he then I will report him.
  9. Re: Harassment

    If your not gonna bother to actually read what I write then whats the point of you writing Davzee? Zombie hunter wasent kicked by me, he was kicked by NakieoN. Not for speaking hes mind but for abusing hes right to do so. You know all this davzee I have screenshots were you say you dont care that zombiehunuter got kicked by another admin as well. Dont lie.
    You play one type of person here and another ingame...
    The ping limit on our servers are 200 nothing more nothing less. Im sure you know and understand why we cant have players online with more than 250 ping right? If you dont understand why is because they lag. Impossible to kill by hs as zombies.
    Its same with every rule, we have them for a cause. As I said before, you know all this. Your not stupid or anything.

    TBH I dont wanna waste my time on you. If you have something to report, do so. Otherwise I dont wanna hear any more greifing from you ingame thank you very much.
  10. Re: Harassment

    Yes you do not wish to waste your time talking to me *since* i posted my reply which you completley didnt expect but before you found it neccecary to spend your time writing a whole paragraph about me....funny stuff.

    Anyway i *did* read what u wrote and i *do* kno that zombie hunter was kicked by nakieon but lets face it....he got kicked because of you. I dont recall saying i didnt care about zombie hunter getting kicked allthough i must admit i dont to be honest...sorry but is that somehow a breach of the rules? i dont think so and please quote me where i lied about that....

    Im not here for zombie-hunter, im writing here for myself because i believe you are using your admin powers not only to regulate the server but also for your own personal issues with players on the server, it seems as if anyone who "challenges" your "ego" you instantly resort to your admin *Privelages* to solve the problem and now your appealing for me to be banned simply because im not the type of guy that will sit down, roll over and play dead.

    I understand the rules about high pingers and i agree with them but must u enforce those rules in such an aggressive manner? you could ask them to try and sort out their ping and if not ask them politely to leave...warnings and kicking should be a last resort.

    I have played a fair few other games as a server admin and with other server admins in the past so i do understand how these things work, i have also seen people get admin and their personalities instantly change...becoming almost hostile towards other players and resorting to admin abuse...im sorry to say that actually happens but ive seen it a lot.

    Anyway im done with this thread if u have nothing else to say and as of now im not going to report anything "officially" but if by any chance i do carry on seeing u take advantage of ur admin *Privelages* in the future i will indeed report you and instead of typing anything i will simply take screen shots next time. Thank you and good day.
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Harassment

    I played with moO a time or 2, no problems. and even after asking players ingame, if they had ANY trouble with him. NO-ONE said something negative about him. So, My decision has been made.
  12. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Harassment

    that means that there aren't so much negative people at all.

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