Heavy is next!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Bun, 2 Jul 2008.

  1. Bun

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    coool 8-)

    and that expected to be here in the next 2/3 months?

    i wonder what the achievements are?

    boxing gloves for fist? :shock:
    sacha? extra bullets? quick fire mode?

    overall, run a bit faster than b4? :lol:
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    lol i read that the title of the thread and thought of a heavy shouting HEAVY IS NEXT in game... Update = Heavy gets helicopter rotors and flys around the place.
  4. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Heavy is next!

    I love the heavy! <hoping for mingun with more ammo!>
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    I just typed my fingertips off, got to probably about 15 rows of ranting and decided to compress a little.

    The reason for the buff is the fact that not all Heavys are unstoppable killing machines WITHOUT a Medic, can you imagine? That's just not fair!
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    i practised a lot of sniping... let em come.
  7. Bun

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    There's already sound files in the cfg. Atleast the french.
    One of them is about "My fists, they are steel." or something.
    It's posted on the steam forum somewhere.
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    Sasha is unstoppable. I have yet to meet any man who can outsmart bullet. :twisted:
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    YOU cant outsmart my bullet in ur brain, stupid fattie :D
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    Waebi bullets are like mosquitos to ze Russian!
    It's clobbering time!
  11. Bun

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    so it's next week Tuesday?? :?

    cant wait!
  13. Bun

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    Uhm no...
    The days on the page is like info the will release everyday.
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    this link shows the melee unlockable, along with the achievements.
    Although there is no information released on the achievements yet; here is a trick to discover what they are:

    right click the image > properties
    For example:
    Crock Block - tf_heavy_survive_crocket.png
    Factory Worker- tf_heavy_stand_near_dispenser.png
    Don't Touch Sandvich - tf_heavy_kill_scouts.png
    Show Trial - tf_heavy_kill_taunt.png
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    cool, how did you find the link ibun.

    that killing gloves gotta be awesome.

    I wonder what the machine gun gonna be!
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    the gloves are UBER WTF.
    you can punch one and still have 3 full shots with the shotgun which are CRITICAL :S

    omgomgomg :D
  18. XOo

    Re: Heavy is next!

    well im not that exited about heavys update so just more hevys to kill for me :D
  19. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Heavy is next!

    Um... yes.

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