Hello Topol here.

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  1. Hello Topol here.

    Hey guys, a few minutes ago nomad send me some serious messages from steam chat, he told me that ; "if you don't comply my goddamn messages from forums, i will crack open your skull with a simple hammer and feed your little brain to the pigeons." (he told me that he got a big pink hammer, never seen a pink hammer tbh.)

    Well that was quite intimidating and i checked my pm's right away, put an avatar filled my profile bla bla (where should i post my e mail btw couldt find it :( ?)

    Anyway ill explain me self a little bit.

    I am from istanbul/Turkey finished my school recently (communication design) and i am doing some freelance jobs, illustrations, concept design, graphic design. Used to work in movie sector about 3 years, did some special efects like fake blood, bullet hole explotions, creature and prop design even bloody animatronic machines, but bastards payed me rabbit food so i quit...

    I also like photography, i got a Nikon d-90 and i love to take night shots and videos (Fan of micheal mann here!)

    ? am a fan of ww2 and cold war history, i do love soviet and german army corporate identity during ww2 and after, but i am not a bloody nazi or a commie, i just love tanks, uniforms, weapons...u name it. I used to have a Erwin Rommel avatar in game but banned a few cus ppl thought that i was a nazi.

    As far as u guys know me i got a really weird sense of humor, so if i offended anybody around i am really sorry about it :( i need a little time to identify my self (my grammar suck i hope u know what i mean, me turk me throw rock.)

    Anyway thats me in a short way, if you guys got any questions of any type just shoot goddamn it.
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    rofl at nomad quote message :lol:

    anyway yea topol, just visit the forums regularly. ;)

    welcome to clan mate
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Hello Topol here.

    Er... I think I've been misquoted. It wasn't pigeons. It was doves.

    For posting your profile, email, etc., I wasn't talking about your FORUM profile. I was talking about your MEMBER profile. You know, member? That thing that you are now? (Go clicky-clicky on the link to see what I'm talking about or you know what will happen.) So, just TELL me what you want in your profile and TELL me what your email address is and I will post it because YOU CAN'T. :P

    It's okay that you are a fan of tanks and commie missiles. I happen to LOVE nuclear weapons. But does that make me a mass murderer? I say, no. Not yet.

    I visited Antalya, Turkiye, once, when I was in the Navy. I was constantly hounded to have my shoes shined (sneakers, mind you), your food gave me diarrhea for a week, and I didn't get laid. OMG I just remembered that I have video from that trip. I'll have to post that and link it here. 8-)

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    Lol Nomad ;p And welcome Topol :)
  5. Re: Hello Topol here.

    Welcome Topol :)
  6. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Hello Topol here.

    isn't topol a vulcan?
  7. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Hello Topol here.

    That's T'pol :P
    -1 for misspelling :lol:
  8. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Hello Topol here.



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