Heres my formal complaint

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Snowdog, 19 Mar 2009.

  1. Heres my formal complaint

    By'tor and the Snowdog: its not gonna change anything anyways, right?
    [GM] Disco indigo: : if alot of people are not happy things will ch\nge
    By'tor and the Snowdog: sweet
    By'tor and the Snowdog: yeah ill post
    [GM] Disco indigo: cool
    [GM] Disco indigo: and dont swear ok :)
    By'tor and the Snowdog: aaw :<
    By'tor and the Snowdog: now u just erased half my message
    [GM] Disco indigo: hahahah

    ok, without swearwords.

    I think its a motherfornicating bad idea to reset the server stats thingy every 3 months. Ive worked my fanny off for these stats :<.

    Also: i couldnt find a good place to post this on, there really should be a sticky with "ALL THOSE WHO THINKS RESET IN MARCH 25 IS UTTER BULL-DOO DOO, POST HERE!" or some excrement like that.
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    Hey i dont care, becourse stats are fucked.. stats on Balloon Race.. .. LOLOLOLO.. Btw Balloon Race is shit.. k thx
  3. Re: Heres my formal complaint

    You worked your fanny off for your stats. That stays the same whether stats are reset or not.
  4. Re: Heres my formal complaint

    We've discussed it as a private community [GM] and we had a vote to see how often we should reset the stats -- the result was every three months ;)

    This will give you the chance to get into the top 10, as after the first month it is practically impossible to do so because of the amout of time it would require for you to get there!

    And you're at rank 101 -- think of what it will be like for Obaruler from his position as #1!

    Savage :)
  5. Re: Heres my formal complaint

    You see this is the problem that not everyone in the community come on the forum and knowing what's gonna happen

    darkie should put some green text in on the server saying that, "Stats reset in 3 months time" or something like that.
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  7. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

  8. Re: Heres my formal complaint

    TBH, the stats IMO are pretty much redundant, I dont care really whether I'm number 1 or not because if your in position#1 it simply means that you have hammered the server the most, you could be the best player ever but if you join the server a few months after you ain't NEVER gonna reach number slot, if the server is like GM's Dustbowl server.

    What I would like to see is something like where you create a sticky post in the forums, that only the admin (Core, Dark) can post in, and in this sticky post it has the top15 players with there stats just before the stats reset and then the second post is the next top15 players before the latest stats reset, so we can see if the players who are in there now, are good or they simply hammer the server.

    I think that would be cool

    Somthing like this:

    -----MARCH 09-----

    1. [GM] Obaruler
    2. [TB] StormReaper the Cyclopean
    3. kingdomvoi° Piss ze midget
    4. Duffman 76,413 159 Points
    5. [GM]Tonkamania
    6. TeZla?
    7. [GM] Savage
    8. Je m'appelle un Fromage
    9. GM. | sandman1985
    10. [PETS] Falconizer
    11. Danny|< i ll a
    12. |GM| Temenus
    13. |GM| troot
    14. [GM] FastJohn
    15. GryM-Shai

    -----JUNE 09-----

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    and so ....................
  9. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    well if the stats reset and you play good from the beginning you can become much higher that rank 100 so i would be happy :).
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    We have a technique devised to collect the stats(For more information, find the thread about it I made), the stats will be reset next Wednesday (24th).

    The "issue" was discussed in the private AND public community, when ever I'm on i try to inform people of the reset so we don't get a load of spam on here when it is,
  11. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    Well, i think reseted stats are a chance.

    - A chance for the "new guys" on our servers, so they are not in a disadvantage, because you have no chance to reach the top 'cause you became too late a regular on our server, so after a reset its your turn to proove, that you can be top.

    - A chance for the top's in the list to outperform your earlier stats and have a better K/D ratio then before ..... I have a all-in-all 1,6 Kills per Death ratio, but in the last ~4 weeks, my K/D ratio was in every match from 2,00 to 3,00, so after a reset i really could improve my global stats, so i see a reset as a chance.

    At least its more fair to guys with less time: See me and StormReaper. StormReaper is a better Demoman as me (allthough i bceome better i think ..), you can see that on his better K/D ratio ..... and he was a long time #1 because of this fact, i more or less became #1 because i spend more time on the server, so i overpowered him just in quantity, not quality .... I played 4 complete days more then him to have his points, and this would be even worse the longer the stats arent reseted. My master-plan is to overcome him " somehow" with the ~ same ammount of played time but more points, which would really mean i would be worth to be #1, because he still really IS better then me ....... but not for long Storm, i SWEAR !!!!
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    I think we should keep a list/record somewhere of the top 10 after every 3 months before they are reset to zero, so people can look back at the history and see the best players in the past and thee scores they got.

    "I'm I better then the heavies of 6, 9, 12 months ago? Hmm lets look at the quarterly record books and find out" :)
  13. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    I don't give a lot for those HL stats anyhow. The scores should be based on KPD only or something similar for the medics. Right now its just points that counts, and often the longer you play the more points you get. Would be nice if you needed at least 100 kills before the KPD begun to count for the stats (so you dont get nr 1 after just 5 kills and 0 deaths, kpd 5.0.) Think it would show more skill than the current system...

  14. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    i get your point, after stat reset and 1 good day you KpD can become 10.00 or whatever.
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    remember when Xo had more than 100,000 points? good timez.
    this time I'm gonna make sure that at least im in top 100 or top 50 xD at 150 now ;(
  16. Re: Heres my formal complaint

    Yeah Cheese, I agree.

    I think that when the stats reset, I am gonna try to stay with my best class "The Demoman" because my kill/death ratio is quite poor really, thats because I am constantly changing class, from Demo, Spy, Pryo or even Medic, thats when my K/D goes out the window.

    But I think my idea of a record of the top 10 or 15 players from previous stat resets is a great idea!
  17. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    i've made my way up to 64 i never expected to be this high in that amount of time :).
    im a bit more down now because havent played tf2 for 2 days.
  18. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    W/e I like the fact that there is another reset, at least now I have a chance to be the first XD
    when exactly is it again?
  19. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    It'll take place on the 24th, which is this wednesday.
  20. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Heres my formal complaint

    Tuesday :)


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