HLstatsX CE updated to 1.5.2

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    HLstatsX CE updated to 1.5.2

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.5.2
    Feb 22, 2009
    * added: game logo for sig.php, game are (aoc, ges, fof, and thx to heimer for is zps contribution) (HO!NO!)
    * added: some missing cstrike awards and ribbons
    * added: more cstrike award an ribbons images (Unity)
    * changed: When showing daily award list on main game page, award names now link to dailyawardsinfo
    * changed: Action names and role names in playerinfo and claninfo now link to the respective info pages
    * changed: trailing slashes in HLStatsURL are now automatically removed
    * bugfix: Fixed "plain_userid" typo
    * bugfix: Fixed "Fixed "String found where operator expected at (eval 18) line 1, near "$ = '1'" (Missing operator before '1'?)" message appearing" message showing in daemon log
    * bugfix: Fixed searching with full steamid no longer working on search page since 1.5.1
    * bugfix: Fixed events not tracking for players with " marks in their names
    * bugfix: Fixed rcon logging for source games (and unrecognized message on rcon)
    * bugfix: Fixed RconIgnoreSelf option. Will only work if rcon shows as from BindIp
    * bugfix: Fixed special awards not necessarily being award to players of the correct game
    * bugfix: Fixed owner_ events not firing in tf2 after switching internal steamid format in 1.5.1
    * bugfix: Fixed query in search not being fully escaped before being sent to the db
    * bugfix: Fixed ip lookup happening even if no ip was found for player
    * bugfix: Fixed bot steamid display in playerinfo
    * bugfix: Fixed bug in hlstats-awards.pl requiring Geo::IP::PurePerl perl module to be installed even if using database lookup method for geolocation since 1.5.1
    * bugfix: Fixed a couple mostly-cosmetic typos in server setting explanations
    * bugfix: Fixed some lingering alignment issues on some of the pages (HO!NO!)
    * bugfix: Fixed some bugs in the rewardTeam sub causing extra rcon to happen during team actions (thx to octo for finding this)
    * bugfix: Fixed infected teamkills happened in l4d
    * bugfix: Removed victim kill msg in l4d and removed mention of victim from killer's kill msg
    * bugfix: Put in some safeguards so if a player's ip cannot be found, the daemon only tries to find it once every 2 minutes
    * bugfix: Fixed a table coloring issue in countryclansinfo
    * bugfix: crit_kill action will no longer occur in tf2 on suicides

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