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  1. hlstatsx

    Just wanted to say that in my opinion HLstatsX are not working properly. In awards it says that someone has 9 sentry kills. Some of you probably know that engineer is my strongest class and honestly my sentries are getting 12+ kills on a daily basis. Still I'm not on there.

    Just a thing to look at.
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: hlstatsx

    Awards never work correctly, haven't done for a long time.
  3. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: hlstatsx

    That's helpful.
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: hlstatsx

    It's true, we've tried many times to fix it, and failed many times to fix it.

    We've pretty much given up on it, unless dark says otherwise, of-course.
  5. Re: hlstatsx

    but can't you overwrite them(broken award files) back to the original files? i mean restore them as when installing them first time without effect the currently stats.

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