How to find a PCW/Mix

Discussion in 'Events' started by eoN, 3 Dec 2008.

  1. eoN

    How to find a PCW/Mix

    Firstly find the amount of people you want to play with (usually 6, ill use 6 in all the examples).

    Then go to #tf.wars on QuakeNet.

    Type "<amount of players> // <Skill Level> // <Server On / Off> // <When> // <Other details"

    For example: "6v6 // Low / Low+ // Server on // Now // PM me"
    (That's what i usually type when looking for a match for F.)

    This way people can easily find the match they are looking for.

    (This is for anyone who wants to find a match ;)

    Low = Div 5, Low+ = Div 4 (more for people that are winning in division 5, you will find alot of Div 4 clans looking for Low+ but lots of them are pretty easy to beat ;))

    Also if you see someone who has wrote up details and your interested in them double click their name and just say "Hi" etc ask what division they are (if you want) etc ;)


    Feel free to sticky if this is helpful :P
  2. Re: How to find a PCW/Mix

    Yeah nice post mate, stickied.
  3. Bun

    Re: How to find a PCW/Mix

    Never, EVER, ask genesis to help you. He'll always get div3 or something. xD
  4. eoN

    Re: How to find a PCW/Mix

    I remember when we found a div 3 mix and i said no and then half an hour later i gave up and GeneSIS found the same team, then we got thrashed and you lot all raged :(

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